Ikat Textiles

I love using Ikat patterns in my design jobs. Ikats are available in a wide product range: fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, cushions, wallhangings. Ikats are classic and never date themselves.

Soane Co UK
Black lacquer faux bamboo chair in hazelnut daphne ikat fabric

Ikat chocolate runner
Various Ikat Pillows

Ikat fabrics made into pillows & carpets at
Madeline Weinrib Atelier

Teahouse collection by Thibaut


  1. I really like the Thibaut ikat print, but it's hard to choose b/c they're all great!

  2. Patricia, thanks for the interesting background info on Ikat! I have an idea for a painting that I am going to try out.

  3. Hi Peak of Chic. I know what you mean about being hard to pick one.

    Hi Anne
    Please let me know when you have done your painting. I am sure it will be fabulous, like everything you paint.

  4. Great post Patricia! I especially love the Madeline Weinrib ikats, she has such an amazing sense of colour and style. I had not seen the Thibaut design before, so thanks for the link!

  5. Hi Suzy
    I am so inspired by the resurgence in Ikats and I love what Madeline Weinrib is doing and isn't the Thibaut design amazing. I think it is something that you would never tire of.

  6. Anonymous16/7/07

    Yes you are right this 'never date'ikats are my favourite too. Though debatable its origin is probably in India. Three states in India- Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa have a very colourful tradition of making ikats.I think these two links would be useful:


  7. Hi Design Flute
    Thank-you for the links for Indian Ikat weaving techniques. I will post these web-sites.

  8. Hi! Its true...ikat is an Indian traditional style used primarly by people living in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Ikat sarees have been very popular and yardage in raw silk was high fashion for upholstery about a decade ago.

  9. Hi Mridula
    Thanks for your verification regarding Ikat's in the Indian tradition. Raw silk Ikats sound lovely.

  10. ilove ikat weaving. it adds such a sophisticated wordly feel to a room. it also brings in a nice organic element.

  11. Hi BB8...you are right about the organic element Ikat adds to the room.

  12. Hi Patricia. thanks for the great post! I am wanting to use Ikat fabric in my Family Room and am familiar with the Madeline Weinrib line, but love the Soane Co fabric!

  13. Hi KatieDID...Idon't think you could go wrong with whichever Ikat you choose. Each has it's own personality. Keep me posted on what you decide on.

  14. What I love the most about ikat is a sense of constant movement contrasted with static designs

  15. Hi Mridula
    Thanks for you comment. Yes I think that is one of the things that makes Ikats so appealing:
    that sense of constant movement.

  16. Adore these. Love the Thibaut, esp.

  17. Anonymous5/7/08

    very interesting. would love to see more of ikat designs and its uses..

  18. ery interesting. would love to see more of ikat designs and its uses..

  19. Ikat does look great on anything. Love these ideas. TFS.

  20. kshama4/6/09

    Hi Patricia,

    It was wonderful to see such beutiful and intricate work.

    Have you faced any color bleeding or dry rubbing problems with these fabrics?---especially, indigo, mustard, or red? How do you deal with it in case you have come across any such problem?

  21. I just love that couch and that material Thibaut, I normally find that couches in a pattern can be a bit to busy in a room but I really love this couch and the material.

  22. Shawn dell7/1/16

    Hey! I am also a ikat fabric fan. It really does miracle with everything. It gives the life to that place which decorated with it. Really such an great invention.


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