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Paul Montgomery Studio™, Inc. is a line of hand-painted wallpaper murals that I saw at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. They are exquisitely beautiful. The Niermann Weeks showroom that carries this line of wallpaper, had an entire wall in their showroom papered in "Views of Italy". Canton Garden/Custom Mono
The above two pictures depict a full mural . Each of them are 10 panels at 36" wide. The height can be from 4 feet to 12 feet. So these 2 pictures equal 20 panels x 36" wide = 60 lineal feet. This would work in a room 10' x 20' or 15' x 15'. Custom colors & background papers are available. You can even customize the scene, adding or subtracting subject matter. The sky is the limit. The only drawback is that there are so many options to choose from. I love the fact that these scenic murals add an extra dimension to the room and are a visual feast.

Below are some examples of the different design themes they offer in their collection.

The European Panoramics Collection is a range of beautiful hand- painted wallpaper murals designs. The designs are mostly based on the original 18th Century French hand blocked wallpapers which were well known in Europe and are still popular today.
Pacific Pastorale

The Antiquities Collection depicts either allegorical or historical scenes dating from as far back as the Tang and Qing dynasty (1200-1900 BC). They are painted in a special technique which creates a feeling of antique quality and beauty. The designs are well known around the world and can still be seen in museums in China and elsewhere. The designs include scenes of village life and ceremonial settings populated with detailed figures, while others depict beautiful and serene landscapes.
Town In Song Dynasty

Coutts Night Life of Han Xi Zai

The Chinoiseries Collection is a beautiful series of hand-painted wallpaper designs based on classical Chinese themes including floral and nature scenes which were traditionally used on screens and other decorative objects in China.The style of painting done today is in the same historical style that was used on the original wallpaper that was so popular in Europe starting in the late 17th Century, when these wallpapers were first exported from China.

Wisteria Rose Garden/Ground silk Trelliage
Calloway Garden

Fang Kuai Papers
When paper was first used for wallpaper, large sheets of paper were not yet available, so small pieces were joined together to create larger panels that could be painted with scenes and used as wallpaper. Paul Montgomery has re-created this antique effect by joining small pieces of paper together in the exact method once used, showing the overlap and lines of each hand-laid piece

Warrenton Garden
Quiet Forest
"By asking for the impossible we obtain the best possible."-- Italian Proverb


  1. Well, I was going to share with you my favorite, but I can't choose! They're all so incredibly beautiful. I do love Treillage, Pacific (those blues!), and the grisaille Portobello. Gorgeous!!!

  2. This is a great company, and I hope to be able to work with them in the future. Great post. It is hard to pic a fav...but my eyes keep going back to the Wisteria.


  3. Hi Peak of Chic
    I agree with all your choices. Esp the grisaille Portobello!! I had a very difficult time doing this post to limit the amount I showed as they are all so stunning.

    Hi GMG
    I love the green Wisteria. It would be wonderful in many different rooms..powder, dining room, solarium, staircase,etc etc
    possibilities are endless.

  4. Patricia, these are gorgeous! I have to say Trelliage is my most favorite, though.

  5. Patricia - absolutely gorgeous! Just too beautiful for words - or choice. George Cameron Nash in Houston carries Gracie and they have it papered in their showroom. So, I have an idea of how beautiful the NW showroom must be...but still, the choices!

    Beautiful post and very informative, as usual!

  6. Hi Annechovie...Maybe there is some inspiration in Trelliage for a painting?

    Hi Cote
    I also am going to do a post on Gracie wallpapers. It is carried at the Holly Hunt showroom in Chicago and they also had a wall papered and it was stunning. I hope to gather some pictures of scenic wallpapers and do a posting specifically on that also. If you have any pics for that post please send them my way.

  7. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I love Paul Montgomery's work, I have had his website in my "favorites" folder for some time now. He has a mural called "Florida Landscape" that is just breath-taking.

    Nice to see his work featured here!


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