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I have long had a fascination for staircases. They are one of the hardest elements I have to deal with and one of the most expensive to detail correctly. One of my pet peeves is wall to wall carpet on stairs. I prefer to use runners or leave the stairs bare if at all possible. I am just in the process of finishing a renovation of a home for a client and I have replaced the carpet on their open staircase with 2 inch thick pieces of 100 year old reclaimed teak from Asia. The teak is so beautiful and you see the solid thickness of it as you go up the stairs. The project isn't completed yet, but when it is I will post photos. The best book on staircases I have in my library is Staircase Design.

Suzanne Kasler
How grand this entry foyer is with the black and white checkered
floor. This is a staircase to walk down in a flowing ball gown
Lucyina via Desire to Inspire love the sisal stair runner

Madeline Stuart wall color Farrow & Ball 'Blue Ground'
so fresh & inviting

House Beautiful

Fotene Design via Desire to Inspire

Armenio Losa makes me want to run my hand on the curved hand rail, or slide down it.
Myra Hoefer conjures up images of Tuscany

John Stefanidis Greece is written all over this picture

House Beautiful

Steven Ehrlich
This is my very favourite staircase. Thanks Steven.
I love the cantilevered slabs projecting from the wall
and the rough concrete wall.


  1. I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite, but I'll try, because I have an opinion on everything: ok the middle House Beautiful because I love multi storied houses with gorgeous stairwells. Then the second House Beautiful - gorgeous. At first I thought Suzanne's, but on second look - it seems a little clunky? no? ok. You actually have to design stairs??? You are just too talented! Beautiful post!

  2. So glad you like that Lucyina staircase... we did too :)

  3. Thank-you MidCenturyJo for
    introducing me to the work of Lucyina on your blog http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com/ I love your blog, you inspire me daily.

  4. Wonderful post! I look forward to seeing your staircase. These photos are great. I like the spindles on the Madeline Stuart stair. And you have picked some of my favorte designers. It is funny, I am working on stairs at my own house and you are right about the details involved!

  5. I have an obsession with stairs and runners! And I must agree, that last image is stunning ... I love the side profile of the slabs! Gorgeous!

  6. I strongly think too that people should invest in a great staircase. Because on the space they required, you should never neglected their design. When you are working on a renovation with a new floor plan, it is amazing how much time can be devoted to the shape and placement of the stairs. So many things need to consider. For our home, I designed my custom made organic wrought iron stair railing. The balusters look like tree branches. No two balusters are the same. This is our favorite thing in the house.

    The reclaimed teak must be gorgeous. It sounds promising; I can wait to see the results.

  7. All beautiful! I love the first House Beautiful photo- is that the Georgetown house that Albert Hadley designed?

  8. Hi Cote de Texas
    thanks for your comments and your picks. I too am a fan of multi storied houses with gorgeous stairwells. Too bad there aren't more of them

  9. Hi Katie
    On the Madeline Stuart staircase
    the spindles are quite unusual.
    They look like they are "Barley
    Twist". I like them very much.
    Quite a refreshing change to turned spindles. thanks for your comment.

  10. JLee...thanks for your comment

    Hi Kim Your balustrades sound lovely. You must post a picture.

    Hi Peak of Chic
    Good question, I don't know. If anyone know if the first House Beautiful photo is the Georgetown house that Albert Hadley designed please let me know. I need to know everything about Albert Hadley. I wish he would get his web-site up and running with some photos of his current work.

  11. What a beautiful set of stairs!!!


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