Last night I spent some time on the My Marrakesh Blog. It is Maryam's Blog and she lives in Marrakesh, Morocco. Her and her husband have recently purchased 9 acres of olive grove and are building a home there. She hails from the US and has lived in Marrakesh for 6 years. She is an accomplished Blogger and has received quite a few awards for her Blog: The Bloggers Choice Award for Best Travel Blog, The Blogitzer, and she is the finalist in the WebLog Awards for Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog....among others. Her Blog is fabulous and it has wonderful images and information about living in Marrakesh. I listened to her Podcast and now I am dreaming about visiting this wonderful city. Check her out at My Marrakesh .

Maryam did an interview on her blog with Alan Keohane , a British photographer, now living in Marrakesh that caught my attention. "Alan Keohane’s images of Moroccans are some of Morocco’s best known and most loved. His touching portraits of nomads with their camels, Berber women from the Atlas mountains, fantasia horsemen in full regalia, and young beauties preparing for hammam, can be found for purchase in upscale boutiques throughout Marrakech." I fell in love with his images of the desert and went to bed dreaming Lawrence of Arabia dreams. I have to have one of his pieces!!!!!! He wrote a book in 1994 Bedouin Nomads of the Desert which is now out of print and is only available used at the UK Amazon store. I have just put my order in for one and now I can hardly wait to receive it in the mail.

Image owned by Alan Keohane. May not be reproduced in any form without Keohane's written permission. His portfolio can be seen at http://www.alankeohane.com/.
Excerpt taken from My Marrakesh .


  1. Yes, I'm a fan of her blog too! And, I love your inspiration room of the week. One of my favorites too!

  2. Hi Peak of Chic
    Maryam's blog is great. I want to go to Marrakesh!!!! Don't you love David Hicks. I think this room was done in the early 70's and is so current now. Note the white antlers over the fireplace which are so overused now. He is still inspiring us 30 years later.

  3. Oh Yes!! Love Maryam and her blog!
    I remember when shs featured Alan Keohane.
    I will go to Marrakesh in my life too!!!


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