Colin Kwok Sculptor

"Artists help us to understand what is around us."
Andree Putman

This a view of the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom in a home I recently designed. It was featured in Architectural Digest magazine December 2006. You can read the article here. I used a wonderful bronze sculpture on the bedside table which was sculpted by a dear friend and very talented Architect Colin Kwok. The title of the piece is Jeanne d'Arc and it is breathtakingly beautiful.
Trained as an architect but passionate as a bronze sculptor, Colin Kwok was trained at the Rhode Island School of Design. Read more about Colin at Intelligence Online


  1. Wow...what a beautiful shot of the bedroom with the sculpture! I'm heading over right now to check out that article again. Thanks for the information on Colin and his work!


  2. Wow, his work is stunning. I also love the idea of career shifts...to follow one's heart and one's ability, clearly.
    Thanks also for the Diana Vreeland quote below re: taste. She was so witty and original.

  3. Stunning is right- that piece is magnificent! What a talent (both you and Colin!).

  4. Hi Kate
    Thanks for your compliment and do check out more about Colin and his work on-line.

    Hi Terri
    I am glad you liked Colin's sculpture and I agree with you that Mrs Vreeland has exceptional taste that lives on.

    Hi Peak of Chic
    Wonderful compliment coming from you who I consider to be an excellent arbiter of taste. Thank-you.

  5. That sculpture is absolutely stunning. To have such friends!


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