"Every post we each create leaves an imprint on our world. We are contributing to the creative success of each other. Every comment we leave for one another is a 'hand up' to more ideas - sharing - caring - confidence." LibertyPostGallery

Thank-you to all of you for taking the time to post comments on my Blog, and for all the wonderful inspiration I receive from your Blogs!!


  1. Thank You! I hope you don't mind but I copy/pasted your company description onto my blog for all my readers to see!

  2. Thank you, Patricia, for your inspiration and lovely "voice" on your blog. It is indeed a pleasure.

  3. A kind and generous thought to begin the day with. Your blog provides daily inspiration!

  4. This has to be one of the nicest gestures I have seen in a long time - kudos!

  5. Wonderful words! Thank you for sharing your work, postings and inspiration!!

  6. Hi Liberty Post....I am honored to be on your blog and thanks to you for your beautiful blog.

    Hi Susan
    Thank you for your "voice" and your blog and for promoting the professionalism of our profession of Interior Design.

    Hi Sarah
    Thank-you and ditto to you. I always look forward to your inspiration from Atlanta.

    Hi H of Beauty & Culture
    I get so much inspiration from your blog and love to live vicariously through you there in London and see the wonderful work that you are doing. Thanks to you.

    Hi All the Best
    You do the most beautiful and elegant postings and it is always such a treat to visit your blog.
    thanks to you for all your comments.

  7. Thank you Patricia for always introducing us to beautiful and interesting things!

  8. How sweet of you!

    Your blog is so lovely, it isn't hard to stop by and read!

    I was just scrolling down the whole length of the page for anything I may have missed in the last while and noticed what an array of beautiful photos you've posted - what bright, gorgeous colours! Funny how a quick scroll gives me a sense of your taste, which is impeccable!

  9. Hi Peak
    Thanks for your comment and I am alway so amazed at your wonderful postings and I receive so much information and inspiration from you.

    Hi Terry
    Thanks for being a part of this blogging community and taking the time to post comments...they are very much appreciated.

  10. Hi Patricia, Im very new to your blog but very impressed.Being a young man who loves interior design,I have fallen in love with this design blog community. Thank you for being part of it

  11. Patricia,
    That's a great photo of you and what a nice thought and message to leave us all with. Thank YOU for being so encouraging to me as both a beginning blogger and an artist. You always have a kind word and are a great asset both to your profession and the world of online blogging.

  12. Patricia, great poem and very nice words. I have found the blogging community to be incredibly supportive and so inspirational. I would never have thought that people would be so free to share ideas - congrats on a great blog.

  13. Hi Wes
    Thank-you for dropping by my blog
    and for your comments.

    Hi Annechovie
    Your art is such an inspiration for me. You have a great talent and gift to share and I love this medium of blogging for being able to allow so many to view your pieces.

    Hi Suzy
    Congratualtions to you on your blog. I am amazed at the depth to which you go to fully cover a subject and everything you post is so beautiful!!!

  14. What a wonderful quote and so true! It really does make my day when I get a visit from others on my blog. So thank you too for vsiting me! I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to visiting often!

  15. Patricia, you add so much to this space. we're all very happy to have you as an active member of the blogging community!

  16. Hi Katie & Franki
    Thanks for all your support,
    encouragement and kind comments.


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