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"Style…isn’t something that you apply like hand cream. It comes from within, as an emanation from your own being.Life is the canvas and style is the grooming point of view.” Jan de Luz

It was Mrs. Vreeland who said "it is not bad taste I object to, it is no taste that I'm against." via HouseofBeauty&Culture

“To not dare is to have already lost. We should seek out ambitious, even unrealistic projects…because things only happen when we dream.” Andree Putman

"I believe that architecture and decoration are art forms of the highest order…” Mariette Himes Gomez Patricia Gray writes about 'WHAT'S HOT 'in the world of Interior Design, new and emerging trends, modern design, architecture, and travel, as well as how your surroundings can influence the world around you. © Patricia Gray Interior Design Blog, 2009


  1. I really like the top quote by Jan de luz! Thanks for sharing such inspirational quotes!

  2. Love the quotes!!! Great blog.

  3. Hi Anna & Sandig
    Thanks for your comments.

  4. I love the Mme. Putman quote - it is so true!

  5. All of these quotes are wise, and some of them are witty. Of course I'm partial to the one by the divine Miss V!

  6. Hi H of BC
    I really admire Andree Putman. Whenever I start a project that is over the top I look at this quotation on my bulletin board and reflect on what would be the outcome if I didn't try. It gives me the courage I need.

  7. Hi Peak of Chic..
    Yes I agree with you - the "divine Miss V" still lives on.

  8. I love these quotes so much! Honestly, your blog gives me so much inspiration in so many different ways! I feel very "full" and "content" after reading all of your entries!

  9. Thank-you for you comment. I feel the same way about your blog and I was thrilled to see your posting on Andree Putman and that beautiful design she did for the home in Paris. So many thanks to you.

  10. For some more inspirational quotes, see: http://interiordesignquotes.com/index.html (was posted by another blogger, Cote de Texas).

  11. Patricia, your quotes just leave me feeling happy and optimistic....my favorite personal mood. ;)

    Vreeland always has a way of casting off an air of composure and disregard for social convention. A way of living life with courage. Love the quotes!

  12. Hi Suzy
    Thanks for the link for the inspirational quotes.

    Hi Franki
    Happy and optimistic is a very good
    state to try and maintain. That's why I love to be constantly surrounded and immersed with wonderful quotes. You are right Dianna Vreeland had it mastered.


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