Paul Grant Cutright - Photographer Extraordinaire

Paul is a dear friend of mine and an exceptionally talented Fine Art Photographer living in heaven - Santa Fe, NM. He works with digital and alternative processes. The first image is a "hand-etched SX-70 Polaroid image". I have no idea how he does it, but I think the technique is pretty amazing. It is so technicolor and very dreamy. I love your work Paul. See more of his photographs here & here
Secret Temple Garden

Untitled This picture leaves me speechless (I guess that's why it's Untitled) New Mexico SkyDome of the Rock - This is an SX-70 Polaroid image of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Through the Bathroom Window

Sante Fe Window

"Artists help us to see and understand the world around us better." Patricia Gray


  1. Thank you so much, Patricia, for commenting on and sharing my photographs! I feel very honored that you would include me on your blog. I have long appreciated your elegant sense of style, beauty and harmony. And I am so glad you are now sharing it with the world through your wonderful blog. It is a delightful window into your world.

    -- Paul

  2. wow..how gorgeous!
    i love the first image of the secret temple garden. almost dreamy ... fantastic post patrica! your friend does amazing work.


  3. absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing this breathtaking work.

  4. "Untitled" leaves me speechless too! Absolutely stunning!

  5. Hi Paul
    I could not go any longer without sharing your work. I think you have an incredible talent matched only by your wonderful spirit. I am so glad that you are a part of my world.

  6. Hi JLee
    I totally agree with you about the
    secret temple garden image. When I first saw it I was amazed by the
    beauty of it and the colors.
    Thanks for your comment. And all the best to you on your new Blog.

    Hi StudioWellspring
    Thanks for your comment and for dropping by.

    Hi Peak
    I am glad you like Untitled also.
    To be able to capture the essence of a beautiful sunset and have it to look at forever is a great talent.

    Hi H of B & Culture
    We are on the same wave length.
    Thanks for your back-up and support.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog . I love yours . In this note I love the last photo of the secret temple garden ..
    I hope we will share some experiences as interior decorator .
    Mélanie xxx

  8. I want to go and stay there in Secret temple garden.
    Thanks Patricia.
    May we ask Paul to share his inspirations and techniques for his amazing work.

  9. Wow, they're all amazing, but the one with the clouds is especially brilliant.

  10. I love how you see the world.


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