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Slipcovers are a fitted protective cover that may be slipped off and on a piece of upholstered furniture. Slipcovers are usually made of cloth. Slipcovers may be removed for seasonal change, cleaning, moving, or storage. Slipcovers are sometimes defined as "clothing for furniture." They are tailored just as clothing is, and are fitted loosely or snugly to the taste of the owner or tailor. Some people order furniture upholstered in plain muslin slipcovers with the intention of using only the slipcovers.

slip·cov·ers noun Date:1856

What a great way to update the look of upholstered leather chairs by using leather for slipcovers instead of the more traditional tight leather upholstery technique. It adds a whole new dimension to the "leather" look. Slipcovers are a great alternative and they give a more casual feel to furniture. You can change the look of your room by having an extra set of slipcovers and by changing these slipcovers seasonally you have a brand new decor. Leather slipcovers may be all that your existing chairs need to update them. The new faux leather on the market has the advantage of being easy to clean. And for higher end faux leather products, it is hard to tell the difference from real leather, unless you give it the leather 'sniff test'.

Slipcovers, Slipcovers, Slipcovers  
Lane Industries Leather Slipcovers left, John Saladino center & right  
Leather Slipcovers 'Harley Chair' center
John Saladino Leather Slipcovers 'Cassandra Chair' right

Food for thought: John Saladino is the designer of the Harley and Cassandra Leather slipcovered chairs above. He has several meticulously designed and detailed chairs with leather slipcovers in his exclusive 'Saladino Style' line which he has carried for years. As a matter of fact, John Saladino is 'known' for leather slipcovers in the world of design by professional designers. Interior Designers/Decorators are usually the first to create a design that is fresh and new and then it eventually filters down to the mass market like the current "What's Hot" fad for Leather Slipcovers, which is now being seen in mass production in the example of the chair on the left above by Lane Furniture. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with mass produced furniture, but what I lament is that the original designer of the concept is often forgotten and not recognized in the wake of the new trend. In Italy they have an award that is given out each year called the Compasso d'Oro. It publicly acknowledges the contribution by designers of outstanding products made in Italy. Many of the designs that have won awards are now so fully encompassed into our every day lives that we take them for granted. Last year a Compasso d'Oro award in Italy was presented to the American designer Karim Rashid for a dresser he designed for an Italian Company. I admire the Italians for honoring their designers and giving them the acknowledgment that they deserve. Unfortunately we do not have a national award such as this in North America to foster pride in the great designers that contribute so much to the quality of our lives.

Leather Slipcover John Saladino
Leather Slipcovers

Leather Slipcover John Saladino
Leather Slipcovers

Leather Slipcover John Saladino
Leather Slipcovers John Saladino 
Leather Slipcovers John Saladino  Leather Slipcovers John Saladino
Books by John Saladino 
Villa by John Saladino Style by John Saladino


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  1. Love the leather slipcovers and I love John Saladino's style!

    Zuniga Interiors

  2. It is a shame that our markets do not recognize design trends and give due credit for the trend. I love the leather slipcover design that Mr Saladino has designed. The look is so clean and fresh. Thanks Patricia for doing this post. As usual your pics are beautiful!

  3. yes, the leather slip covers are fabulous, but my real love in this post are the upholstered ( with nail heads ) doors.

    beautiful pics
    thank you

  4. I don't know why I never thought of leather for a slipcover...brilliant! Gorgeous too!

  5. Even if I love slipcovers I am not sure about the leather ones. Are they practical? Hard to say...leather should not have wrinkles (my opinion)so great idea and gorgeous images but if we use the chairs daily?

  6. I love his style, and now it's even practical... can it get any better?!?

  7. Anonymous6/4/09

    These leather slipcovers ROCK.

  8. Bettina6/4/09

    What an interesting and well presented post. I have visited the Compasso d' Oro awards in Italy and was very impressed with the Italian's recognition of their Designers. It is an interesting comparison you have made with the concept of the Leather Slipcovers and John Saladino.

  9. Anonymous6/4/09

    I don't care if leather slipcovers wrinkle or are practical. Sometimes you have to have to put beauty before practicality.
    Breant from Barcelona

  10. Hi Brillante Home
    Hi Albarosa
    I can understand your need for things to be practical. Leather slipcovers in my opinion are beautiful first and foremost. I never recommend leather to clients who want practicality. As to whether leather should be smooth or show wrinkles:
    1. it is a matter of personal preference
    2. some leathers wrinlke or show folds more than others. Fine Italian leather gloves will stretch and mould to your hand and become more supple as you wear them...the same will hold true for fine quality upholstery leathers.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  11. Patricia,
    The leather slipcovers are beautiful..great style. I am with the "other" Renee though, those upholstered doors are to die for. I also enjoyed your post on ceilings...I especially like the coffered...we have some in our home and they add such a nice detail.

  12. I love these slipcovers, they are so stylish and thinking of practical it depends on the type of leather and your circumstances.
    I found a sturdy leather most useful and beautiful to age as well. I have a home with children and dogs, my leather chairs and sofas have held up all the storms.
    My concern is more on the economical side, I found it quite an indulgeance, but maybe I must not mention it as a designer myself??? Unless you are extremly handy, they must cost a fortune to be made.

  13. I so love Mr Saladino's uncontrived look...and love this idea.

    Since I am so into nailhead trim right now, that first shot of the doors gives me warm feelings.

    Great post Patricia, as always, on top of what's hot.

  14. I had never seen leather used as slip covers, and it actually works. You're right that they're more casual than tightly upholstered leather chairs, but they're still a lot sexier and more sophisticated than a canvas slip cover or something similar.
    Thanks for sharing

  15. you know I love that man. Villa is to die for.

  16. You are right Patricia, so many great designs that we see and use belong to great designers that go unacknowledged which is a shame. Italians have always honored their great designers, hence their great design. We should have a blog award to honor the best designs out there :)

  17. Very beautiful blog. Have a nice day. Ingunn from Norway

  18. John Saladino's style is sophisticated and great. The leather slipcovers are fantastic.

  19. Wow. They're beautiful & I must admit, totally new to me!!

  20. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for the post. I didn't know they made leather slipcovers! At first glance, I have to say that I didn't like them (or maybe it was the design of the two chairs on the right?), but the more I look at them, the more I like them!

  21. WOW, great idea...love your post, love your blog

  22. What an awesome boardroom. The leather slip covered chairs would be so comfortable. Great lighting in there as well! I, too, love the doors.

  23. Again thank you for a beauty & brawn look of this post and of the information. Most of all thanks for the info about leather (supple and moulding). I gave in to my husband's wish for leather chairs and was gobsmacked by the feel of the leather. I have, however, yet to come to grips about the indentations in the seats. My husband says his chair reminds him of the feel of his favorite baseball glove. I melted at that and will live with the wrinkles just to know it gives him a wrinkle in time moment. Your blog is informative and beautiful. Thanks!

  24. These leather slip covers are a great idea. I had no idea there was such a thing!!

    Like a few others have mentioned, the doors with the nailhead trim are awesome!! And the ceiling in the room behind them is very cool :-)


  25. I really like Saladino's style, but I have to say that I am not a big fan of the leather slipcover look.

    To me it feels a bit unfinished or rushed. I get the casual look that these slip covers create - I don't know maybe I just like everything to be more tailored.

  26. Anonymous7/4/09

    Hey, I want to show you something. Check out at jellybeans from Jaky

  27. The slipcovers look very nice. I like the middle two photos the best, the sofa and the two ottomans! Saladino's Villa book looks really nice. I really want to see more. Also, your blog just appeared in Top Recommended Blogs to Read! Congratulations!

  28. John Saladino is incredible.
    My copy of his new book came in the mail yesterday.
    I feel like wallpapering my home with the pages.
    He's so good. Love his leather slipcovers.


  29. I've always loved his style...chic with sex appeal!

  30. Hello !!!!
    Love slipcovers......and the leather-ones are fantastic !!!!

  31. i feel like a dork- i've seen that first image a thousand times in my saladino book, and never knew those chairs were a) leather and b) silpcovered, and never even dreamed of doing a leather slipcover myself! who knew?

    thanks patricia, i love that i just learned something entirely new to me!

  32. Anonymous8/4/09

    I love these cool leather slipcovers. Now novel.

  33. Anonymous8/4/09

    Practical or not it realy looks stylish and classy. I love that lampbase on the right in the fourth picture!

  34. I know your post is about leather slipcovers however I ABSOLUTELY love the leather doors with nailheads in the first photo. Ok, back to the topic at hand, although the leather slipcovers are practical, I am not sure if I like it. Maybe it has to grow on me. :(

  35. I actually did make a slipcover in leather last year. It looked beautiful . Because leather has stretch in all direction you can really make it tight like upholstery, and because the back of leather is suede it clings nicelly the the furniture so it doesnt shift too much.


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