15 Top Articles on Color Trends

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  Reinventing Blue

  Turquoise Aquamarine Turquoise Aquamarine

 Farrow & Ball Launch 18 New Colors Farrow & Ball Launch 18 New Colors

 Beige IS Magic Beige is Magic

 The Color Purple The Color Purple

 The Best Yellows The Best Yellows

 Think Pink Think Pink

 Color of the Year - Mimosa Color of the Year

 Blue the new Black Blue is the New Black

 The Color Orange The Color Orange

 Turquoise Bliss Turquoise Bliss

 Back to Black Back to Black

 White Bedrooms White Bedrooms

 Beautiful Brown Beautiful Brown

Benjamin Moore Virtual Fan Deck Pink for Spring

Green Chic Green Chic

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  1. herme's for me all day , everyday !

  2. GREAT post Patricia; like a magazine would lay it out...

  3. This is brilliant... I love the way that you present this post. I enjoy your content and I'm always struck by the beauty of the images that you display on your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Lisa1/5/09

    Just got your email and went straight for the green! So glad you posted this nifty study of color (you are quite a high tech gal), anyway, i also love the soothing green dining room by Mary McDonald. I am getting my paint bucket back out and painting my silly chair rail to match my walls. uggh took me forever to trim around those babies! Believe me when i tell you that i will get a few raised eyebrows tomorrow when my guests come over for derby & see how untraditional this Texas girl continues to be.
    Thanks Patricia for keeping me hip!

  5. Home Before Dark1/5/09

    Thank for you all of the work you did on this post. Beautiful and elegant: like black. I upholstered a little room (a folly of a library) in black and when I showed my neighbor she thought I had gone goth. If she had been Catholic, she would have crossed herself.Love the black exterior. The name is perfect.

  6. that white bedroom is intriguing. sometimes people forget, whether it's in designing spaces, packaging clothing etc....the power of white. it's elegant, classic and always so easy on the eyes. fun post to look through, have a great weekend!

  7. Look what you've put together....
    Thank you , those choices are wonderful and I believe not just trends but classics. Love the black/whites, burnt oranges and greens! I am so all over colors!
    Anyway, i enjoy your posts!
    XX - have a nice weekend!
    PS: please stop by again soon!

  8. wow- you've got mad HTML skilz! very cool!

  9. My eyes went first to the beautiful orange Hermes! I have a gorgeous scarf that I would like to free float in glass and frame....need to get to that!
    Blessings....have a great weekend!

  10. Will2/5/09

    wonderful, interesting and beautiful blog!
    Will from Montreal

  11. What an excellent collection of colorful posts! Thanks for putting them all together. I've enjoyed looking at them all!

  12. Thanks for this terrific tour of your top colour trend posts - I enjoyed revisiting them and gazing at each lovely photo!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  13. I love all of these posts. I enjoyed all of them...except..you know..I'm a little off about yellow (unless it's soft butter yellow)..I adore turq/aqua post - but I have to admit - Back to Black is my favorite! Looking forward to more colour lessons.

  14. Great post! i love color stories, being a black and beige addict.
    just started to use color both in my work and in my wardrobe and i am really into orange, even for lipstick. so i went straight to your orange post. Thanks for the inspiration

  15. Thank you for this box of treats! I'm working my way through them and savouring each colourway. Wunderbar!

  16. Patricita! It is so cool to go back to some of your previous entries and remember them. Plus I have to say that the layout out and the idea in how you presented this entry is amazing! Always surprising :)

  17. Anonymous4/5/09

    Over the weekend I thought of your post on the turquoise aquamarine trend. After visiting the garden center at Home Depot I noticed an all-weather wicker patio set they had on display that had turquoise cushions with black accents. I thought of your post immediately.
    Home Depot is on top of this design trend...who knew!

    Tricia - Avolli

  18. What a fun idea for a layout, Patricia! Love the added aspect of exploration ;)

  19. you really are an htlm-mater ! fun idea !

  20. Hi Patricia!
    Your color story is great! Thanks for the look into these colors and styles!

    Talk with you soon!

    Zuniga Interiors

  21. Diane4/5/09


    Patricia, as always, your blog lifts my spirits by seeing such lovely things presented so magnificently.


    Diane Farris

  22. I just found your wonderful blog via someone's blogroll!

    I do believe it is one of the best I have ever read. I am a retired designer, and I think your posts on color are excellent.

    My favorites are the ones on turquoise and white rooms.


  23. Patricia, what a great format for a post! Bravo!

  24. Love all your colourful posts -- thanks for putting them all together in this one post :-)

    My favourite is, of course, your post about purple ;-) Really like your orange post too :-)


  25. Love Where You Live5/5/09

    The aquamarine door spoke to me, and I'm glad I clicked it. It opened up to some gorgeous photos. Love the dining room and nest of eggs, especially. Love to see posts on color . . . I'm craving it since neutrals so often rule. (Not against neutrals, as I adore the tranquil settings. Color is just so daring and fun....) Will be back to read more. Thanks, -susan

  26. Web Design Quote5/5/09

    Recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  27. Francine5/5/09

    I cannot tell you how much i enjoy your blog, I really feel that it is the best in the blog world and hope we can meet one day. Love your inspirations

  28. Hi Patricia,
    fun way for exposure..makes you thing if one is attracted to colours or....
    can't help myself for having my eyes fixed directly on the lovely lab.

    All the best,
    I was told Vancouver is full of cherryblossom now!?


  29. How fun it this! love your post, so creative!


  30. Some great post here. I love color post as so many people are afraid of color . thanks

  31. I'm in Marrakech and wifi is kind of slow. I'd have to bookmark this post for future reading (when I'm back in Toronto)

  32. Awww man, you are always so ahead of us all on the format of your posts Patricia! We need a lesson from you to catch up :)

  33. Tiffany box blue....my all-time fave! Of course, it could be because I'm addicted to Tiffanys....

  34. Hey Patricia,

    LOVE the photographs- there are some really neat ideas to be had here :)

  35. love the hermes cups.

  36. Ricky5/6/09

    I appreciate the labour you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

  37. Your blog and your work is so amazing which motivates me to come back here to read all your latest posts.

  38. I think your posts on color are excellent. I am also from Vancouver.


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