Benjamin Moore Virtual Fan Deck

As this week marks the beginning of Spring and pink is a color I associate with spring as the cherry trees are starting to blossom, I have two favourite Benjamin Moore Paint colors to share with you that are season appropriate: 1. Benjamin Moore Spring Azalea & 2. Benjamin Moore Springtime Bloom. The color Spring Azalea has a little more of a purple cast to it than the Springtime Bloom and is a closer match to the color on the wall of this beautiful room. Benjamin Moore has a neat product on their web-site that you can see color samples on line. This living room is in a house is located on the island of IBIZA and has been designed by the German architect ERWIEN WACHTER in the style of Mies van der Rohe. It is available for rental. If you are interested Contact MONIKA BORCHERT for information. I will be posting more photos of this house, but for now this is just a little teaser. Be sure to check out Benjamin Moore Virtual Fan Deck Happy Happy Spring Here is another post on Pink you might be interested in: Think Pink

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  1. How refreshing to see this joyous colour on the wall and the white sofa blooming from it.
    I really love pink lately (I went through phases in my life when I even tried to eradicate all the pink flowers in my garden, to make it a white one a la Sackwille-West).
    Pink and Ibiza, what more can you ask for?

  2. What a delicious, vibrant colour. I'm going to drag out my brigther spring clothes now...

  3. guess what ?

    my feed is not updating your pic.
    i have the washing machines...that's it .


  4. That shade of pink remainds me the colour of bugambilias in Mexico or the colours used by Barragan.


  5. Anonymous20/3/09

    after I went to the designing class, I have started to love pink. All the girl students loved it, so, I thought, that's a better way to flirt.

    lol, jus kidding. Brilliant design and artwork.

  6. So happy winter is officially over even though the cold weather is not !
    At least we can only look forward to bright colors, longer days and warm weather from now on.
    Happy Spring Patricia.

  7. love this... thank you for the color inspiration!!happy spring to you...

  8. Hello !!!
    Love this blog......
    Love this colour....!!!!
    Pink is sooo spring......
    thank you so much for your comments....just what I needed.....it is so difficult to live abroad sometimes and I feel my taste are so in between different styles that I get confused myself.....Love your last post.....the Miele chocholate washingmachines are to die for.......
    Wish you a nice weekend !!!!

  9. Well pink is certainly fresh! I prefer it in a bedroom to a living area though ... I have no idea why.

  10. Hehehe!! Tareq is wondering why all us ladies are suddenly going pink!! :-D After 5 months of colourless winter, I can't get enough of fresh, bright spring colours. And pink just seems to say "spring" to me :-)

    I don't think I would ever paint a room in my house pink, but I do like that bright pink wall with the white sofa in front of it. And the zebra print cushion on the sofa, of course :-) Very bright and fresh and fun :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  11. I'm loving pink too these days. Love that virtual fan deck, use it all the time.

  12. What a vibrant color. Love it and the Virtual Fan too.
    I feel in my practice most people still prefer rather the 'safe' colors....:(


  13. I have been so in a pink mood lately. Even a scarf, earings, and I think I will paint one of the baths in the Benjamen Moore new pinks.

  14. Patricia!
    I love love love PINK! I am in search of a very cute pink jacket I can wear with everything!

  15. Let's see "la vie en rose"

  16. Hmmm...I think I am out numbered as I am not crazy about this particular shade...a bit "pepto" to me. Overall I am huge fan of pink in many shades...oh well maybe I'm just not on the cutting edge like everyone else :-)


  17. Just looking at it makes me happy!

    It reminds me of bleeding Hearts, peonies, Knock out roses, ... All yummy !

    Thanks for always having a great blog!

  18. Thanks again for all your lovely emails and comments on this post. You are amazing!

  19. I recently used this color in a "Parisian" inspired powder bathroom on the first floor of a clients home. It turned out "Pinkfect"!

    Merci Beaucoup!

  20. patio deck18/5/11

    Amazing post! I am Very happy to see this festive color on the wall and the white sofa blossoming from it. Thanks for a very nice post.


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