My Visit to Palm Springs

I have just returned from a much needed vacation in Palm Springs. The dry, sunny desert climate was a welcome and refreshing relief from the damp and cold winter we have had in Vancouver. I swam every morning in 94 degree mineral spring pools (plural). Where I was staying had 9 pools in total. The benefits of these naturally occurring mineral pools are many and I felt the stress I had accumulated in my body melting away.

Palm Springs 135

This was a view of the palm trees surrounding the pool. I took this picture while I was floating in the pool.

Palm Springs 3 003 Palm Springs 3 003

The mountains in the desert have a beauty all their own. Next time I go, I am inspired to paint them. They are the most beautiful in the early morning and just before sunset when the shadows are the strongest and highlight all the contours.

Palm Springs 156

I picked oranges right off the tree. The taste and smell was the best.

Palm Springs 210 Palm Springs 211 The desert flowers were in full bloom.

I will post more this week on some of the highlights of my trip:

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  1. Welcome back...can't wait to see your upcoming posts!

    The Viceroy huh? :)

  2. Welcome back...to hale, snow, freezing cold...but Spring will be here in a few days (and we already have a few Palms in Vancouver).
    Looking forward to Mid-Century & all.

  3. Oh god I LOVE mineral pools! I love the desert so much...such a stark beauty...

  4. I'm envious of your get-away in a warmer climate... especially after today's snowfall! But it does sound like you had a lovely time! I'm looking forward to hearing about mid-century modern, too... it's an architectural and design style that I find myself drawn to these days.
    Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

  5. Hi Patricia.... Diane here... I live in Palm Springs... right across from the Willows and next to LaVallerous... please get intouch .. I will show you some very special places...

  6. I wish I had known that you were so close.
    I share your love of the desert.
    My parents live there now and Steve and I love taking the kids to visit.
    I read your comment on Maria's blog. It is funny how different colors feel better in the desert.
    When Steve an I designed the condo for our clients in Vancouver it seemed only natural to use more neutral cool colors. The Vancouver design would have felt completely wrong in the desert!


  7. Wow! your pictures are great! I just came back from a tropical trip also! And now it is snowing outside! Brrrr

    I wanted to leave a comment because I Love the colors of the mountains in your picture! The subtle blues and grays... I can see why it would inspire you to paint them! I might even give it a try!

    I was in south beach for a few days before going on a carribean cruise to the virgin islands... I loved shopping at this Vacation more than ever!
    I cant wait to see your post on that! LOL

    Happy Spring! (Yeah... right):)


  8. Welcome back
    What I would do for a vacation !!!
    I love Palm Springs.
    Amazing how similar the mountains are to mountains in my country.
    Looking forward to your othe rposts about Palm springs

  9. Welcome back Patricia! And to the snow can you believe it! I can hardly wait to see your next posts! And you picked oranges off the trees, how great is that!

  10. Anonymous9/3/09


    I found your website/blog recently when I was looking for interior design blogs. I recently started a blog which is in the infant stage. This morning I noticed your trip to Palm Springs. I have the good fortune of living here. Yes the mountains have the most amazing colors in the early a.m. and later p.m. Glad you enjoyed the hot springs, they are soooo refreshing and relaxing.


  11. Did you stay at the Viceroy?

  12. No I didn't stay at the Viceroy. I am fortunate that my father has a place there.

  13. Fresh oranges! This morning I was craving a fresh warm orange from a tree. The flavor of a hand pick orange is one of my fondest memories as a child.

  14. desert desert .... it's a powerful place to be ... it's my home now . did you walk at night in the desert ? it's a very disturbing experience at first .

  15. Thanks for your lovely emails and comments on this post.
    You are all amazing.


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