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The short days of winter are upon us. The time hasn't even changed yet and I am longing for sunshine. Maybe that is why I am having a fixation with yellow. It is still my favourite color. For my fifth birthday my mother asked me what I wanted, and I told her I wanted a new yellow party dress. Even at five I was quite particular. Yellow to me is happy, bright, optimistic. Interestingly enough it is the color that has the longest memory retention.

Who isn't attracted to the fist flushes of spring as indicated by tulips.Photography by David Duncan Livingston

This is one of my all time favourite rooms by Victoria Hagan. I love how she has layered yellow draperies on yellow walls.

Chinoiseries inspired wallpaper. Notice the matching fabric banding on the bottom of the draperies. If anyone knows the source for the wallpaper in this picture please let me know. Above 2 pictures Kelly Wearstler

This is a wonderful pendant lamp designed by Wis Design out of Sweden. The net of brass is reminiscent of a petticoat, which is concealed by the shade of plywood. The net twists around the bulb and creates a warm, golden, flowing light.

A beautiful "tessellation" tile

Credenza designed by the fabulous Tommi Parzinger for sale on 1st Dibs

Magnificent Directoire chairs. Picture via Studio Wellspring

I like the way Interior Design icon, Albert Hadley uses yellow as an accent color for furniture. The above is a room in his own home and the lower picture is his office.

David's Hicks's masterful use of bright acid yellow.

In this picture Jeffery Bilhuber uses a Raoul fabric for the sofa and draperies. I think it is particularly clever how he uses the Raoul fabric for the seat cushions and trim at the bottom of the sofa and upholsters the base of the sofa in a plain fabric. Brilliant Jeffery!

A beautiful all white kitchen with yellow accents. A bowl of lemons is an easy way to add a touch of yellow to the kitchen. Southern Accents In this room Interior Designer Jan Showers has used yellow as an accent color with sofa, lamp and artwork in an all white room.

Jeffery Bilhuber has used National Geographic magazines to get a pop of yellow into this warm and inviting sitting room.

Myra Hoefer Design

Another fantastic room by photographer David Duncan Livingston

What about getting some yellow by using wallpaper in your entry foyer? Designed by Suzanne Rheinstein
Gracie Studio Wallpaper

A beautiful and classic design by David Hicks. He uses yellow sofas and chairs in his design much the same way as Albert Hadley.

A wonderful yellow taffeta ball gown worn by Frances Elkins for her own portrait. Maybe she knew about the memorable qualities of the color yellow.

Please let me know what your favourite picture is.......
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  1. What a wonderfully beautiful and warm and cosy post!!

    I also love Victoria Hagan's rooms. She defines classic, and classy!

  2. Please let me know what your favourite picture is.......

    Mine is Albert Hadley's living room on the front cover of House Beautiful.

  3. My favourite picture is the Victoria Hagan one, followed by the foyer photographed by David Duncan Livingstone!

  4. Hi Patricia! Excellent post. I must say my favorite (can I have 2 please) are the tile and the painting at the bottom. Amazing.

  5. Hi Liberty
    Of course you can have 2. Isn't that tile yummy.

  6. This is so pretty, I love the way you added in other shots of yellow besides rooms! ok - my favorite is the entry way via mrs. Blandings. That is a from a favorite house of mine that Suzanne Rheinstein did (twice). I had a client who wanted her living room to look exactly like the one from that house. You do need to add one designer though - Mary Douglas Drysdale. She single handedly brought yellow into vogue during the 90s. People all over the south were bringing tear sheets of her rooms begging for an all yellow house. I wonder if any of those rooms are still in situ?

  7. robyn2/11/07

    I liked so many of them, a wonderful post. I feel inspired. :) Have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Joni
    I do not know the work of Mary Douglas Drysdale. If anyone has any pictures of her yellow rooms, please email them to me.

  9. Hi Robyn
    I am glad these pictures inspired you as they did me...have a great weekend.

  10. I love the one with yellow wallpaper in the entry with the baby playing ...
    Yellow is definetly my mew favorite colors . I haven't used it yet in my house but I will ..I love mixing yellow , white , grey and black
    Thank you for this wonderful inspiring post

  11. Luminiscent! The Victoria Hagan room is just right, and I'm loving the seated Buddha in the golden yellow room - but it's the settee in the line-up of Directoires that's knocking my socks off!!

    Good weekend, Patricia!

  12. Hi Melanie
    I found out since I did this posting that Suzanne Rheinstein is the Interior Designer of that wonderful entry that you like. I would love to see how you use yellow in your home.

  13. Hi DinaMuse
    That Directoire Settee is really magnificent.

  14. pvedesign4/11/07

    We were the fortunate recipients of several paintings by my husband's side of the family - his great uncle- Maurice, (the painter) met Gaugin in an art store in Paris -Maurice asked for a tube of "Jeune Citron" (aka yellow)
    and the clerk replied, Monsier Gaugin just bought the last tube, hence, they met and began painting together.
    Do you have the book "Colorstrology"?
    Very interesting on what color birthday says about you?

  15. Hi PVE
    What a wonderful story. Thanks for the book recommendation. I can hardly wait to read it.

  16. Hi Patricia, I've never been a big fan of yellow, but I'm starting to like it more and more these days...not sure why. I think the Victoria Hagan room is classic, as is the Suzanne Rheinstein entrace.

  17. Hi Suzy
    Yellow might not be for everyone, but like the two rooms you like it is a classic!

  18. I think my favorite is the room by Jeffery Bilhuber using the Raoul fabric. I like just the light touch of yellow.

  19. Hi Neutral Dwelling
    I also like that room and the way he has used the fabric as an accent on the sofa.

  20. I just love the Kelly Wearstler bedroom. Yellow is such a great winter color, thanks from all those in the Northeast for a pick me up! I'm sad to say I can't remember the source of that wallpaper, would you happen to know?

  21. Hi Ali
    Sorry I don't know the source for the wallpaper in the KWID photo.
    If any reader knows the source, please email me with it. Thanks.

  22. All very lovely and so warm! Favourite image: David Hicks. And I'm crazy about the pendant lamp by Wis Design and the Directoire chairs.

  23. Love this post Patricia! Yellow is one of my favorite colors, and enjoyed each one of the images :)

  24. Hi Glamorous
    The pendant lamp is great, isn't it. Apparently it is not available for sale yet.

  25. Hi Bhavna
    Coming from you, living in such a vibrant colored country, I am pleasantly surprised that you count yellow as one of your favorite colors.

  26. glad to see you got some inspration from my yellow-themed posts, patricia. at least six of these images are ones i've posted over the past year too. great minds think alike!

  27. Hi Studio
    You have a great blog and I am always inspired when I visit it.

  28. Anonymous12/11/07

    I started a "yellow" post about a month ago and finally posted this week. I just got around to discoving yours today...lovely!
    Wonderful post.

  29. Hi MMI
    I just went to your blog and saw your post. I love how you showed yellow mixed with black. Thanks for more yellow inspiration.

  30. I love all of the yellow- especially when paired with black and white!
    Great post!

  31. Great posting, love the yellow theme!!

  32. Hi emily & purple
    Glad you like the YELLOW. Thanks for dropping by.

  33. OMG i dont think i've ever LOVED yellow so much...nice!
    Jen Ramos
    'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

  34. Anonymous23/10/08

    Where is the tile from? How would someone go about finding them? It's wonderful.

  35. Click on the link under the tile and it will take you to the Company's web-site. Glad you like them.

  36. You see the use of yellow is mentioned again, and I have to say that I am liking it , it just does something to a room that I can't even describe. I think that the next time I decide to redo my bedroom I think that I will be keeping yellow in mind.

  37. Some lovely pictures and designs here. The use of yellow can add warmth, light and style all in one.

  38. Anonymous4/8/12

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