Yellow Sunset

Have you ever seen a yellow sunset? I have seen sunsets all over the world, but never a yellow one. My girlfriend Ann just returned from a 10 day camel safari over the sand dunes in Morocco. I am so envious. It has always been my dream to do this. Have you ever seen the movie Lawrence of Arabia starring Peter O'Toole, riding on a camel through the Arabian desert with the Bedouins? Ever since seeing this movie, I have wanted to be in the middle of the desert on a vast expanse of rolling untouched sand, draped in exotic Bedouin garb, riding on a majestic dromedary camel. Soon.
Sunset in Morocco Ann Ponds

PostScript Dec 13 2007
This is a picture of a yellow sunset in Puget Sound sent to me by Paola


  1. I've never seen it even when I went to Morocco . I have to go back to check

  2. I thought these yellow sunsets were pretty unusual. But apparently they were the same color every night. Maybe it has something to do with the sand dunes?

  3. I've always wanted to have a similar adventure too :)

  4. Oh! Lovely sunsets...Yellow!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Just about catching up on my fav blogs...after all the Diwali festivities in this side of the world;-)

  5. Hi Style Court
    I can't wait to hear more about the book you are reading righ now. It sounds like there might be some sand & camel adventures in it.

  6. Hi Arch
    Hope your Diwali festivities were great!

  7. So beautiful! Sounds like a trip you must plan for yourself. I've done something similar and it is well forth it!


  8. Simply Beautiful! I would love to see that in person!

  9. Hi Neutral Dwelling
    Me too!

  10. when a tornado is in the vicinity, the sunsets can be yellow....and ominous

  11. Hi BB8
    Wow I didn't know that.

  12. Dear friend, your yellow sunset will come. I promise.:-)

  13. Another dream coming to fruition. How great.

    We saw the restored Lawrence of Arabia at the Ziegfeld in the late 80s (could it have been so long ago?) Breathtakingly beautiful. And I think the score left a brain imprint. I can hear it in my mind right now...

  14. Anonymous12/11/07

    Beautiful photos.

  15. Hi Maryam
    Thanks for the vote of assurance. I know it will come, but I am impatient. It's an Aries trait.

  16. Hi Diana
    I too saw the restored Lawrence of Arabia and Wow I guess it was the late 80's. I too can hear the music! Sigh

  17. beautiful yellow sunset,

    i was taught that
    yellow sunsets

    some bad weather would follow.


  18. Hi SPF
    That's the same info that BB8 left in her comment. I would hate to run into run into bad weather in the middle of the dessert.

  19. Here's a photo I took last winter in Seattle. Not a great photo as the highlights are all blown out, but I swear the sky was this very colour.


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