Welcome to my Townhouse

Last weekend was my Birthday and I was presented with this exterior rendering of my Townhouse by Michelle Morelan. Apparently she was busy out front of my place the week prior taking photos to get her rendering just perfect for me, and was concerned that I would see her through the window and ruin her surprise.

Patricia Gray - Michelle Morelan Rendering

Thank-you Michelle, I was totally surprised and I love it!!!
PS It was a good thing that the leaves were not out on the tree in front or else it would be hard to see the facade.
Meanwhile, we're still patiently waiting for Spring here in Vancouver.  

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  1. That is a great rendition, Michelle does fantastic work!!

  2. lovely. and happy birthday patricia!

  3. Your place is so welcoming! And...so Vancouver; a city that is growing on me- after 7 years.

    I especially loved the "pick up after your pets" sign beside the tree :)

    Happy Birthday again... :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love this! I am still waiting to see pics of the inside though..... hmmmmm??????? one day?????? all I've seen is the desk, the bathroom, and the breakfast room!!! hahah!!!

  5. Anonymous15/4/09


    Meglio tardi che mai... Happy birthday! And what a birthday present! Welcome spring! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  6. Michelle Morelan graduated from Kwantlen University College in 2006, after receivng her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Design in Interior Design. While at Kwantlen, Michelle earned the Daryl McConnell Award for her design philosophy of looking to nature. She also received the Don Adams Award for design excellence. She grew up in Ucluelet BC on Vancouver Island, where much of her natural design asthetic developed. Michelle has also lived in Key West, and Amsterdam

  7. Happy belated birthday.
    About the orangutan foundation...thanks for the note. I will be having a small fundraiser in NY on may 5th, if you are ever wanting to get on "away from it all" type of vacation, Borneo (kalimatan)is an amazing part of this world...this is where I met Seeswee the orangutan...and it was love at first sight, but I think she much preferred my son..l

  8. window blinds...that's my bio from my website...what the heck?

  9. Can I move in with you?? I love the rendering, Patricia! That is my ultimate dream house (facade)! I just basically want a shell that is square and make it look contemporary with glass and wood and any other modern material. Why is that so hard for most designers? Somehow, here in Toronto, they are still into those faux brick, faux Italianate-style homes made from that looks like they were designed by 1 architect / designer and sold to everyone else in cookie-cutter patterns! I look at the houses here in Toronto, and they are so...boring! They all look alike. But thanks for showing me some divine inspiration with your home!!

  10. Happy Birthday, many more returns....big hug!
    Look at you, what a great modern front. That's where I will picture you from now on, sitting behind these big windows, when I see your posts. The drawing is beautifully done as well!


  11. lovely , I want to see more ...Joyeux anniversaire, Patricia

  12. Happy Birthday Patricia,
    Everyone says how welcoming you are and I have to tell you, from all the pictures of your house that you have shared with us it shows.
    I hope to visit you one day soon. Will have to bring that belated birthday gift with me :)
    And Michelle beautiful rendering as usual

  13. Love teh townhouse, esp the door. the rendering is wonderful. I'm with Joni - so curious to see more pics from the inside!

  14. Very nice! Happy birthday!

  15. Hahahah!! I can just picture Michelle outside your townhouse, dressed in a trench coat and a hat and shades and snapping pics of your building!! :-D

    What a great birthday gift for you :-) Hope you had a great day!!


  16. Patricia....
    A very happy belated birthday to you! I hope you celebrated well. What a lucky girl you are to have Michelle do a rendering for you...she is quite a gifted gal.


  17. Town house . lovely modern elvation. I dream of a town-barn . I use to have chiken in my garden in the center of Brussel, my neigbour loved the morning wakup call ... happy birthday.

  18. Belated Happy Birthday. Props to your friend Michelle, that was such a nice and thoughtful gift with a very personal touch.

  19. Beautiful. What a talent...and what a gorgeous place!

  20. Happy Birthday, Patricia!
    Michelle's gift is beautiful and so thoughtful.
    I agree with Joni, when do we get to see the inside?



  21. Happy birthday and many more well designed years to come. Love the tree adding nature scale to the built environment and that luscious pop of can it be spring? green.

  22. Jamie16/4/09

    Happy Belated birthday Patricia! Another April "baby". Cooper was 6 on the 4th and Brent was much more than that on the 6th!

  23. Ronald16/4/09

    Wishing you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! from one of your subscibers.
    I really kinda like the topics from your blog...it's interesting and informative.
    More power to you Patricia...
    Thank you and best regards,

  24. Anonymous16/4/09

    Happy Birthday Patricia. I continue to enjoy your posts. Here's to another good year for you.

  25. belated birthday greeting....hope it was wonderful...

  26. happy , happy birthday !! xxx

    the rendering is beeeeuutiful !

  27. Belated Happy Birthday, Hope you had a wonderful day, what a special gift, wow, so well done and framed too, special people always receive special gifts...love it on the desk infront of the mirror.
    Have a great year, thanks for all the great blogs, I enjoy them one and all
    Regards, CAM

  28. the detail I love is your copy of "I Married Adventure" placed so nearby the photo. I, too, love my book. I love the cover. I love the content. I love the fact that those of us who relish the book can always pick it out of any photo right away.

    Now...on to this illustration. It is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love art like this. And such a personal gift for you. This was not only thoughtful, it was an incredibly personalized gift. That's a great (and quite talented) friend you have there!

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Patricia! And kudos to your friend Michelle...what a thoughtful and wonderful gift.

  30. Hi Franki
    Thanks for your wonderful comment….you can see that I am true designer by the placement of the book, “I Married Adventure” in the picture.
    But I found out when I got the book that it is more than just a pretty cover, the story inside the cover is also a very good read.
    As for the illustration by the talented Michelle, I was totally speechless when she gave it to me. It is such a personalized gift to receive, and one that
    I will treasure for many years.
    Take care

  31. Hi Everyone
    Thank-you for all you kind words and Birthday greetings. It is great to be part of the Blogosphere and have so many wonderful, caring friends that I have never met. I wish I could invite you all for Birthday cake!!!!

  32. Feliz Cumpleaños! Patricita,

    I hope you had a fantastic day. You deserve all the best - we know that.

    How lucky you are! the rendering is really neat. Michelle is way too talented (lol) what a thoughtful gift :)

  33. Michelle20/4/09

    Hi Patricia!
    So sorry this is late! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a beautiful day!

    Take Care!

    Michelle Zuniga

  34. Patricia - your townhouse is gorgeous – and what a gift! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.


  35. Gorgeous. Your townhouse must be stunning!

  36. Anonymous19/6/09

    What a beautiful townhouse you have Patricia

  37. Lovely blog!
    I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

    Laura from Italy


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