Be Faithful to Your Own Taste.....Walter Lamb for Brown Jordan

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style." ~Billy Baldwin

I thought the above quote by Billy Baldwin was very fitting to describe the exclusive outdoor furniture collection which was originally created by Walter Lamb for Brown Jordan in the mid-1940s. Just after World War II, the furniture designer Walter Lamb, began experimenting with bronze and copper tubing salvaged from sunken naval ships at Pearl Harbor and constructing prototypes incorporating canvas and yacht roping. The result was a collection defined by it's sculptural curves, sturdy construction and superb comfort. Today, Walter Lamb's furniture is still as timeless as ever and is still handcrafted to Lamb’s rigorous specifications by Brown Jordan. For modern use Brown Jordan has replaced the bronze pipe with weatherproof brass, which over time will develop a rich patina. Vintage pieces of Lamb's are now selling at starting prices of $5,000.00. Which goes to prove that nothing that is well designed and well crafted is 'ever out of style'.

Walter Lamb Brown Jordan

Walter Lamb Brown Jordan

Walter Lamb Brown Jordan Walter Lamb Brown Jordan

Left: Vintage 1940's Walter Lamb Brown Jordan Rocking chaise in bronze, canvas and yacht roping. Right: Vintage 1940's Walter Lamb Brown Jordan Bronze chaise rewebbed in cotton yacht cord. Patricia Gray writes about 'WHAT'S HOT 'in the world of Interior Design, new and emerging trends, modern design, architecture, and travel, as well as how your surroundings can influence the world around you. © 2007-2009 Patricia Gray Interior Design Blog


  1. i've always loved lamb's classic pieces, and am digging that they've been reissued in brass! so nice to have an alternative to stainless...

  2. Who knew vintage outdoor furniture could be this cool.

    As always Patricia you never stop surprising me.

  3. * Dear Patricia~

    * My darling, precious, fun & funny "character" of a lil'-blond-Mom just "HAD" to have this Brown Jordan furniture for our outdoor patios when I was reeeeally young~~~ (said she's "just DIE" if she didn't have it for our home... we lived in SO CAL)...

    And of course, Daddy gave in & "she won", as always! My Sis (older) n' I were basically just "babies" when it all arrived, & I actually REMEMBER thinking "Geez! What's the big deal about"?!?!" ~ That makes me smile now, because of course I learned to "understand" that "big deal" as the years passed & I grew to love houses/homes/decorating n' design too, like she did! (And that furniture lasted FOREVER!!!)~

    TODAY would have been her 80th birthday, had she not died of cancer at age 58... It's been kind of an "up n' down" day, and SEEING this furniture brought back sooooo many memories~~~ WONDERFUL MEMORIES in so many ways!!!

    So, without knowing it, you brought the WARMEST SMILES to my heart, & I owe you ONE HUGE thank you this evening!

    Linda in AZ *

  4. Anonymous23/4/09

    Totally agree. Start with things you love and you'll be on a good path. Then get a pro to help you focus your favorites!


  5. Well, I love both models...maybe the yacht roping one more...they do look comfortable.

    It would be great to have the roped ones around the pool deck. LOVELY

    Michelle :)

  6. Anonymous24/4/09

    Cara Patricia,

    Being faithful to your style... Absolutely right! Bad copying and flirting can never beat quality design annd excellent craftsmanship. Bad design come and go... This is my first encounter w Walter Lamb. Lovely patinated vintage! Thanks for sharing/enlightening me. Bacione, Ingid in Umbria

  7. Love, Love, Love!!! Thanks for posting.

  8. We are thinking alike...I posted about these a couple of days ago...aren't they beautiful?! I think the cotton cording sounds far better than the synthetic being used today.

  9. this line is equisite !


  10. such a simple concept, but one so many people don't adhere to... if your home (or office) isn't designer for your taste, whose home is it? It's yours... make it personal. :)

  11. Hi Patricia,
    It kind of saddens me to see all these beautiful things--more like a bittersweet feeling inside. We have been going through a 20-month-long home renovation with a contractor who has not delivered! As per my last blog post, I think I will seek some legal counsel on this matter, i.e. what our recourse is, etc. It's been 2 years since we've had a home (our poor 2 y.o. daughter!). I'm longing for a place to decorate and make "our own"...But at least, even if we don't have a house yet (those darn contractors!), I get my daily dose of inspiration from you! Just wanted to thank you for that!
    -Jen Laceda

  12. Laura24/4/09

    hi Patricia

    I love this post. I heard Charlotte Moss speak last week and I am unsure if she was quoting someone else or this is her own but she said "If anyone questions your vision, turn a deaf ear and move forward". very similar to "be faithful to your own taste".

    I always feel that if you buy great looking pieces it will all work together. You certainly seem to get that right!


  13. Hi Laura
    It is so true what Charlotte Moss said. The trick is to know what our own taste is and not someone else’s that has been imposed upon us.

  14. Hi Jen
    Sorry to hear of you woes with your contractor. Stand firm!!!
    Best of luck to you.

  15. Hi Franki
    In essence it is a simple concept, but one that is becoming increasingly difficult as we are so inundated with messages from so many sources. As a creative person I have to be constantly vigilant to maintain my own
    sense of direction.

  16. Hi Linda/Mom
    What a great story and wonderful memories of your Mom. You made me smile. Your ‘Mom’ sounds like she
    was a great influence in your life. Some memories just get better with time.

  17. Mamie24/4/09

    Dear Patricia,

    I look forward to opening and reading your blog. It is interesting and full of beauty. Thank you for all your effort.


  18. A brilliant quote that I needed to hear today as my dear husband and I are continuing to plan out a total revamp of our kitchen, family room and master bath. Going back and forth wondering what won't look dated in five years, possibly ten or more for a kitchen. And then I see your blog and read that quote. Perfect! We love classic styles and even this post about patio furniture is timely for us as we are shopping for that as well.

    I always enjoy reading your blog and love the beautiful photos your share -- especially of your own extraordinary work.

    Warm regards,

    Victoria in Texas

  19. Your post makes me want to grab a FUN nonsense book and lay on a chaise lounge... le sigh!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  20. The second shot of the two chaises with the water behind them is my favourite :-)

    I love that quote :-) Sometimes it's hard to not be swayed by trends and influences that are around you. But if you go with what you love, you'll always love it :-)


  21. Hi Patricia!
    Very cool vintage! And I love the quote, how perfect!

    Take Care!
    Zuniga Interiors

  22. Baldwin's philosophy is as sage and relevant as Lamb's timeless design. Sleek and elegant. The very thought of that glorious piece of craftsmanship illuminated in sunlight, all the while aging beautifully in a bronze patina, makes one fully appreciate enduring beauty.

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  24. Vintage outdoor furniture is definitely cool.

  25. Vintage outdoor furniture is definitely cool.

  26. Patricia, I strongly agree with what you wrote in a comment quoting Charlottle Moss about the trick is to know our own taste not someone's taste that has been imposed upon us. Interesting enough there are many who do not know their own taste. This is why I am posting so many photos on my blog. I want to help homeowners, designers, architects, and builders to assist their clients in identifying what it is they do like and just as important, what they don't like.

    Thanks for the lesson on Walter Lamb for Brown Jordan.

  27. Hi Patricia,

    A great quote, and so true, especially with Brown Jordan's great lines, classic and well made...I have a pair of chairs with ottomans I purchased 10 years ago, (I loved them and felt they were timeless) and the onslaught of great outdoor furniture over the last 5 years still has not made me regret my purchase...they still look great, and I still love them!

  28. The quote is priceless, and so so true. By the way Patricia, congratulations on your interview with Ronda on All the Best!

  29. Gorgeous. Timeless.


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