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image This beautiful and classic wall sconce designed by John Saladino.



The Soho wall-mounted fireplace that uses natural gas or propane. It measures
33" h by 33" w by a mere 12" deep, which has to be one of the shallowest fireboxes
on the market. I would Install it on a wall, just like a piece of modern art. It has a brushed
nickel front.


Miele's new Clean Touch Steel finish which protects against smudges and scratches with a
thin layer of glass coating the stainless steel. It debuts in December on G series
dishwashers. www.miele.com.  Now that is some cutting edge technology that
will be appreciated!

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  1. I'm loving what you're loving Patricia - the wall sconces are fabulous! Tracey x

  2. OK Ms Patricia(and Tracey) you cannot LOVE a wall sconce!Love is a word indicating profound tenderness, romantic obsession, a passionate affection, sexual desire even, something to be lavished recklessly if you like....BUT NOT ON A WALL SCONCE! Smarten up girls and find something(someone) else to LOVE!:-) (anonymously known as Peg!)

  3. I disagree with "anonymous" Peg :)
    You can "love" whatever you want, even a wall sconce !!
    They are all beautiful, and I would love (sorry Peg) that fireplace :) I guess it is legal to have a romantic obsession with a fireplace, is it?

  4. I agree there's no problem in it and it's quite legal to have a romantic obsession with a fireplace.

  5. My husband knows he comes second after design...LOL...

    Fireplace depths are always a problem...I hope they become more available. the UK makes some beautiful models.

    Thanks for the pics.


  6. Hi Patricia, just want to say often find useful hints from you.
    I'm gonna wait for the new dishwasher by Miele, 'til it will be launched here.
    Have a great weekend, Ingela

  7. Is it okay that I still just love Saladino? I just never tire of his aesthetic. *sigh* :)
    Lovely post!

  8. I so dig those sconces!

  9. John Saladino is amazing.
    His sconces are simple and elegant.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. WOW, I hadn't heard of this book...Looks like a great read.

  11. Wow that gas fire is lovely, it's to die for!


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