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One of my pet peeves is ugly hood fans. They are such a large element in a kitchen and if not handled properly can distract from the design of the kitchen, especially more so in contemporary kitchen design, as I am tending to not use overhead cabinets. The cooktop and back wall then becomes the focal point. So when I saw these innovative new designs from Elica I was pleasantly surprised. They are designed to look like a beautiful pendant handing over the cooktop and include ventilation, filters, lighting and controls.  They are now distributed in Canada and the USA.The fan in the middle row right is stainless-steel Platinum and packs advanced technology into a sleek lampshade diameter that works with any 24" - 36" cooktop and costs $1,600.00.

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Download their catalogue here

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  1. These fans are fantastic. This is a coincidence I just saw them in an Italian Architectural Digest early this morning. Love this find !

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog Patricia :)

    My problem with upper kitchen cabinets has been that they never go to the ceiling!

    A friend of the family renovated her kitchen when I was growing up, and she didn't use uppers...I was about ten, but thought it was so cool!

    I like the way the British design hood fans and readiators.

  3. Anonymous2/11/08

    Cara Patricia,

    I find most hoods overdimensioned. Take up too much space, you knock your head and, as you rightly put it, they distract from the overall kitchen design. The Italians are unparallell, secondo me, both design and technology. Bacione, Ingrid

  4. Thank you! These are innovative hood concepts. The problem with hoods, besides being bulky, some call for a clearance of 32" (+ or -), at 21" deep, which ends up being an awkward height for tall customers! Right in the nose height.

    Hoods placed at taller clearances then become a problem for shorter people who cannot reach the vent switch and lights. Remote controls for a hood at a higher clearance is ideal.

  5. Even worse are the faux hood fans with the greasy gross filters and no real exhaust! These ones though are drop dead gorgeous!

  6. Patricia,
    You are always on top of things.
    I have seen the Greta lamp (like a table lamp with shade) on a magazine but I was not aware they were available here.
    Fantastic, I am ready to buy one, the only doubt is: since I believe they don't really work well (CFM) for a semi-professional stove would they work well enough with a regular stove cooking "fish" or "fries" or "veal milanese"?
    If you have any feed-back I would love to know more.
    Great post again!

  7. Anonymous11/11/08

    Some fantastic contemporary designs!!! Great post

  8. is this for real?! it's about time someone reinvented the hood! thanks for the post! i will file this in my memory bank for our next home renovation (already thinking of the next whilst this one is ongoing...) sigh!

  9. Just love these hoods, it's such a smart idea!!

  10. I have an eye for detail,too and has been wondering about an alternative for such eye sore... and it's about time for this sleeker and beautiful design.Those bulky ugly hood fans really has to go.Thanks for keeping us updated and excited!>>Helen


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