My Favourite Curves

My favourite curved backyard.............


My favourite curved staircase

Comtemporary StairCase


My favourite curved chair

womb chair

My favourite curved ceiling detail


My favourite curved Banquette
Patricia Gray Inc

My favourite curved mirror

elle decor judy naftulin


My favourite curved headboard


My favourite curved sofa


My favourite curved back dining room chairs


My favourite curved fireplace sculpture

bd dash design co dk

My favourite curved driveway

house beautiful

My favourite curved garden



My favourite curved bench by Qerat 
The "C" bench natural wenge and linen
Patricia Gray Inc


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  1. I was wondering about the last post...a "teaser" for such a great post today! Also on my favorite list- Saaranin table base and the Womb chair.

    Thanks to you, I have a couple of new favorites- like that kick ass fireplace sculpture...love the concept.

    Ciao Patricia,

  2. Oh good, I get to be the first one to comment. What a great post, so creative. . . my favourite is the ceiling detail, dining chairs and the fireplace sculpture--how great is that, I've never seen anything like it! Thanks for such a great post!

  3. The curved fireplace sculpture is stunning

  4. I love curves it gives such a "smoothy" ambiance to a room ! I like the saarinen table very much and I use it a lot in my projects

  5. Beautiful curves and in all the right places too :)
    The fireplace is a winner, but all the other choices are great too, love the driveway with the curtains in the background. Thank you for continuously sharing these beautiful images with us.

  6. Anonymous28/11/08

    Cara Patricia,
    What a curvy selection. My favourites - the Saarinen table base, of course! And the fireplace design! Great post!!!! Bacione, Ingrid

  7. gosh, i love this! the staircase is so gorgeous. the garden! the fireplace sculpture is perfection : )

    insanely inspired post!

  8. Patricia, I was in Chintz & Co. yesterday and they have bar stools that looked very close to repeating the fireplace sculpture with leather seats. I would never have noticed them if I hadn't seen your blog first!

  9. Very clever and wonderful post. I love that garden, with the lanterns flanking the door...

  10. oh, I love those curved mirrors above the vanity!! Those are a must have for my future dream house!

  11. Anonymous30/11/08

    lovely post : )

  12. Anonymous3/12/08


    These Pictures are really beautiful & each one is unique by itself.
    Good Post.


  13. Thank you Patricia for adding a piece from our collection to this wonderful post among such beautiful pictures.


  14. Great entry!

    Tareq's work as always stunning and the fireplace is so cool.

  15. the curved ceiling detail is incredible! Loved all the Christmas cookies in the other post too.

  16. Anonymous5/1/09

    WOW!~ A kindred spirit!~~~ I (actually "we", as my husband feels the same way!) seem to ALMOST ALWAYS favor round or curvy things, especially walls and window walls~ and, it seems, most of our home here in the desert is curved or rounded... hmmmmm, I wonder, can that be "explained", do you think??? Freudian perhaps? Either way, lovvvved this particular blog I just found while unable to sleep!(Putting it on my FAVS, too!) Thanks! (FP sculpture is FAB!)~ Linda (RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair")... Happy '09 to you, too!

  17. i am obsessed with spirals and paisley now another addition after viewing these pictures. I really liked the curved garden, curved ceiling, and th ecured backyard.


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