Wallpaper 'Tema e Variazioni'

'Tema e Variazioni'
I was spellbound when I first saw this wallpaper on the blog of The Peak of Chick. Then I saw it again a day later in Elle Decor UK Edition June 2007. My clients had given me the magazine with some pages turned over of things they liked and there I saw it again. So I have decided I want to use this paper somewhere and if I don't get to use it for a client I am going to wallpaper my own Powder Room with it. I think it would make a memorable visit to that room. Here's what Elle Decor had to say:
Cole and Sons wallpapers are beautiful, well-made and bang on trend. Its latest collection transfers the work of bonkers Milanese artist and interior designer Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) into bold wallpapers. My favourite ‘Tema e Variazioni’ inspired by the enigmatic face of a beautiful woman he came across in an old French magazine. (I thought I sensed some French Chic)
Piero Fornasetti was born in 1913 in Milan and became an eclectic painter, sculptor, interior designer, craftsman, engraver of art books and organizer of international exhibitions and events. Believing strongly in disegnothe practice of sketching and copying – as the legacy of the Italian artistic tradition, his unique style shows a strong sense of irony. He worked independently of the avant-garde and his production of exquisitely made objects, textiles and furniture, some of which are in the V&A Museum, is one of the largest of the 20th century. http://www.cole-and-son.com/ Elle Decoration UK Edition June 2007
If anyone knows the translation for 'Tema e Variazioni' please let me know!!!
Translations: Themes and Variations The House of Beauty and Culture
Topic and Variations Cote de Texas Variations on a Theme Studio Annetta


  1. "topic and variations"

    I adore this girl's face. Her eyes and mouth are so beautiful! Did you notice that her necklace is actually beads of her face?

    Cote de Texas

  2. Theme and Variations is, perhaps, a less literal translation but closer in tone to the Italian. If you are not already familiar with the furniture designs, have a look at them - gorgeous!

  3. Wow, thanks for pointing this out to me. You must have a better monitor than me. I am going to order a sample on Monday to see the scale of it. I have no ideal how large the pattern is.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Oh yes, I just left a comment about this wallpaper on Peak's blog. I saw this particular wallpaper last week and loved it. I adore Fornasetti. Just worried it wouldn't really work in our place. I thought it would be so divine to line a closet with it or the back of a book shelf and strategically place books so that you could see the whole face peeking through.

    I asked Peak the same question but I was wondering if you knew of any fabrics similar in inspiration to Fornasetti's architecturra? The fabric is available for purchase but it is out of my price range. Anything that you can think of that gives a similar look?

  5. Thanks House of Beauty & Culture for the translation and for the "Culture". I just went on line and looked at some of his furniture. It is great. There are big warnings to be wary of fakes of his being sold on EBay.

  6. Hi Maryam
    I will keep my eyes out for fabric look alikes to the Architectura. I don't know of any, but you know how things work in the blogging world...ask and ye shall receive.

  7. I just found out that he has a whole series of plates and also the cutest glasses with faces in the bottom.

  8. I just wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments you have been leaving me on my blog and to let you know I have added a link to your blog on my site. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Anna
    Thanks for the link.My compliments to you are well deserved. You have a lovely store and I really enjoy your style and your Blog.

  10. Patricia- I hope you get to use it! If it's in your home, you must post a photo!

  11. Hi Peak of Chic
    thanks to you again for introducting me to this wonderful artist.

  12. Hi Patricia, I think the literal translation is 'topic and variations' but probably translates to something more like variation of a theme (but my Italian is a little rusty). Great post, I think that design would look fabulous in a powder room!

  13. Hi Suzy
    Thanks for that translation.
    It sounds right to me - 'variations on a theme'

  14. I love this design it is a featured wall in my kitchen

  15. Anonymous1/1/13

    I,m searching this wallpaper since I was last year at the cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Do you know here I can buy this?
    Thanks, Sandra


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