Chairs as Bookshelves

I love the casual elegance of stacking books on a chair. I can never have too many books around me. They usually land in stacks all over. I love to have them around for inspiration. I have never been in a home in Paris that didn't have a stack of books in the living room. When I go into people's homes I always look to see what books they have on their bookshelves and what they are reading beside their favourite chair or on the night table. I went to see a new client today and saw some familiar books there. My heart felt warm and I felt an immediate kinship with them as I imagined that we had shared some of the same reading. I also came away from that meeting with a new book to buy. It was lying on the coffee table and I loved the cover and was compelled to pick it up. I loved the feel of it in my hand. I wrote down the name and author and on the way back to the office I stopped at the bookstore and picked it up. The book is The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street by Helene Hanff. The previous book that she wrote was 84, Charing Cross Road which was made into a movie with Anthony Hopkins and Ann Bancroft 1987. So I picked up that book to read also. I don't know how I missed the movie with two stellar actors in it. So one thing does lead to another and another and another.......... Happy book stacking.

If anyone has read these books
please let me know how you liked them.


  1. Oh goodie! A new book recommendation. Can my book list get any longer??!

  2. Haven't read it yet...but I'll let you know when I do if it should go on your list. Don't you just love lists. When it is on a list it is non-commital. You can put things on your list and try out for awhile to see if you want to commit.


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