Raoul Textiles

Raoul Textiles is an exclusive fabric line that is carried at the Chicago Merchandise Mart in the George Smith showroom. I want to bring it to everyone's attention because it is a very beautifully designed fabric line.

It is hand-printed on a very fine Belgian linen in Santa Barbara, California. I wish you could touch these fabrics and feel the beautiful hand they have. I love the freshness of the colors and the movement in the designs, and the fact that it is printed by hand and made locally rather than abroad. I am all for supporting local artisans. My motto is that I always try to source my products locally to begin with, then I will go further afield if necessary.

Emma Jane Pilkington House and Garden
above fabric on chair backs

I love the colors in this fabric - soft teal blue with chocolate. It is something you would never tire of.

This is their current advertisement showing 3 different fabrics

This fabric reminds me of my favourite Auntie Anne and something she would have worn in clothing in the 70's. And this fabric also reminds me of something Florence Broadhurst could have designed in that era.

Drapery fabric Raoul "Miranda" Domino Magazine Oct 2006


  1. Love, love, love - Raoul Textiles there is an integrity to their work, and it shows. Could not agree with you more either on sourcing locally - it so important to support local crafts people.

  2. Thank you so much! The colors and designs are just beautiful!!

  3. This is a fantastic line of textiles and I am so glad you did a post on them. Great images, they will be fresh in my memory today during work :)


  4. Beautiful post Patricia! That blue and choco print is my fave. I love how EJP used that colorful print on the chair backs!

  5. They are lovely designs and the colours are so fresh. I wish they were available in Hong Kong!

  6. Hi HBC thanks for the back-up on supporting locally made whenever possible. It is also green, because you save on the transportion.

    Hi All the Best...thanks for you comment and stopping by.

    Hi Girl Meets Glamour
    Glad you liked these textiles and inspiration. Have a great day.

    Hi Peak of Chic
    I agree with you on the blue and chocolate fabric. I am going to post a picture with the first photograph fabric on a bench. It will be nice to see it in a different application.

    Hi Suzy
    I am sure Hong Kong would be a good market place for this line.
    Maybe someone will pick it up there. I'll let you know if I hear of anything.

  7. Beautiful! I have admired the Pilkington chairs for awhile but hadn't looked into the fabric line. I love it. Thanks for the info.;-)

  8. Great minds think alike! About two weeks ago I got so disgusted that no one in Houston has their fabrics (the showroom that carries them have the samples in the back in boxes!!) - so I called RT and ordered the sample collection - very expensive I might add. I can't wait to get home to see them. My favorite Domino house was in the Oct 2006 issue and the drapes were RT, Lulu sofa fabric, yellow walls - if I had a scanner here I would scan it for you, but go look it up if you have it! It is so charming.


  9. Hi Katie
    I love this fabric line also and am going to be using it on some upcoming projects.

    Hi Cote
    Your power of observation is incredible. I had looked at the home in Domino Oct 2006, but had not picked up on Raoul draperies. I just relooked at it in a new way.
    Lucky you for getting the whole line of fabrics. Let me know when
    you get them which ones are your favs.

  10. I'm a huge Raoul fan, and that print you've shown top is my absolute favorite!

  11. Hi Style Court
    I think that one is my fav also.

  12. Anonymous2/8/07

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  13. Anonymous31/3/11

    I sure hope you can help me! I just need to know the name of the Raoul Textile Fabric Elizabeth Dinkel used in the "Her Guest Room" design for Greystone Estate. The one used on the Roman Shades, Canopy/Cornice Draperies & Bedskirts. This is really a decorating question, per sey; it's more of a, "hey, by the way, do you know what that's called?" kind of question. I can design/decorate for myself, I just need to find this fabric for my daughter, who is insistent that it be used in her room as well. Please respond to blue_apple_interiors_mtj@suddenlink.net
    Thank you in advance for your assistance with & attention to this question.
    Kindest regards,
    Mrs. M. Turner-Jones

  14. Please get in touch with the George Smith showroom in the Chicago Merchandise Mart.


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