Happy { Green } Weekend

eric piasecki photography

This weekend I am dreaming of GREEN. I am craving Green. It has rained all week. Maybe by resting my eyes on beautiful images of green I will absorb some of it by osmosis. It's worth a try. Ferns and more ferns in these pictures. The color green signifies growth, renewal & health. I like the simplicity of the above arrangements - clear glass and light, airy, deepest green ferns & leaves arranged with perfection........have a great weekend!!!

design public michael van valkenburgh associates1

design public michael van valkenburgh associates

Top photo Eric Piasecki Photography Middle & Bottom photo Michael Van Valkenburgh Landscape Architects


  1. Green ...the perfect color.
    I hate green in decoration , even if I start to get used to it , it depends on the green ...
    But green is such a symbol ..above all one of an ecological planet..
    Have a lovely week end

  2. Growing up in Kentucky, there was nothing better than the "bluegrass" green of Spring! I am anticipating a gorgeous green Spring here and I can hardly wait!
    Green is my most favorite color!
    Born on St. Patrick's Day, clovers, green cakes and all things green inspire me!

  3. I too await the green, and the anticipation of cherry blossoms excites me...

  4. oooh something is in the air.....I just posted my favourite trees etc on my site too !!! I just love a garden after it has rained.....I can see and smell it now - must because it's just stopped raining here!! Go green!

  5. Anonymous17/2/08

    Loving the concrete paths, the abstract method of placeeent the stairs; constrast of green with concrete is one of my all-time favorites, inside or out!

  6. Anonymous18/2/08

    Ahh I love that top image clear glass and green leaves! Gorgeouse!!

  7. Anonymous18/2/08

    Beautiful. All three photos make me feel at peace. Thanks Patricia!

  8. so great to start seeing green blogs :)

  9. I think we all have the need to see a hint of spring! Thanks for the photos...

    I posted about flowers with Matthew Mead today...I figured I needed to get in the "spring" mode and shrug off some of this heavy winter we are having down east!!

    Have a great week!


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