The Color Orange & Gracie Studio Wallpaper

I just received the email below from Jennifer Gracie and she sent along with it this image of the most beautiful and luscious wallpaper that her office is papered in! Lucky you Jennifer....thanks for the image. BTW I am a big fan of Gracie wallpaper and you can see why. Click here to read the interview I did with her brother Mike.


Dear Patricia,

I think your blog is fantastic, and I do look forward to it's updates. I believe you interviewed my brother, Mike, for it in the past. I was reading your most recent on orange color while sitting in my office with it's handpainted scenic with an Hermes-y orange background!

I've sent you a photo, which I thought you might like, given that orange is your subject of the week.

Best regards, Jennifer

Jennifer Gracie Gracie, Inc. 419 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003 www.graciestudio.com


  1. that is GORGEOUS!

  2. wonderful wallpaper ! this hermes orange is fabulous !

  3. Soooo beautiful!!!! I LOVE this paper!!

  4. One orange crush here! Many of my murals are inspired by Gracie!

  5. This is stunning! Love all the Gracie pieces, but this color is my favorite. How could you not feel anything but cheery with that on the walls?

  6. Anonymous20/2/08

    Wow stunning!

  7. I don't know how she gets any work done, if this was in my office, I'd spend all day looking at the wallpaper!:o)

  8. Wow! I love this paper!

  9. I'm glad you all liked this wallpaper. I just received a full panel sample from Gracie today and it is stunning. I will photograph it and post on it.
    Thanks for all your comments!

  10. This wallpaper has Stylecourt written all over it :-)


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