Banquette Dining

banquette (n.) A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall

There is nothing more luxurious than banquette seating at your dining room table. It evokes images of dining in a fancy French Restaurant. Lingering at the table, good conversations, the family gathered together, taking the time to dine rather than snatch a quick meal at the counter, comfortable. It also serves as double duty seating in a dining room adjoining a living room. It makes the most of a small space and makes for a cozy seating area. Round tables, square tables, rectangular tables - all work. Seating for 2, 4, 6, or 8. Toss cushions or not. Curved banquettes, straight banquettes, L shaped banquettes, or U shaped - all are possible. There are so many possibilities. A suitable option for almost any room. Have fun and pick you favorite.

Celerie Kemble House Beautiful Nov07

This banquette is particularly attractive in a corner bay window.
Celerie Kemble House Beautiful Nov 07

Chad Eisner House Beautiful June07

Chad Eisner House Beautiful June 07

christopher maya inc com

In a high traffic kitchen area a cleanable, durable outdoor fabric could be used for upholstery.
Christopher Maya Inc

elle decor nov 2006

This kitchen has my favorite Kartel Ghost Chairs (I have nicknamed them the Cinderella Chair). They are so versatile and also very comfortable. They are particularly good in a small space as they visually don't take up a lot of space. They mix well in a contemporary or traditional setting. Elle Decor Nov 06

frankroopdesign   elledecoronline

Notice the straight wings on the one side of this banquette. Frank Roop Design

from absolutelybeautifulthings

image via Absolutely Beautiful Things

gomeZ heinz1

I like how Mariette Himes Gomez has used a tufted curved banquette in her NYC dining room. (picture above and below)

gomeZ heinz

Kemble Interiors Inc

I particularly like the thick slab for the top of this table and the trumpet base. Kemble Interiors Inc

harriett maxwell macdonald

Harriett Maxwell Macdonald

house beautiful

House Beautiful

Michael S Smith in book Elements of Style

A sofa doubles as a banquette for dining in this room by Michael S Smith from his book Elements of Style.


Posh Design

robynkarpinteriors 011

Robyn Karp Interiors



vincente wolf

Vicente Wolf

banquette custom patricia gray inc

I have used both of these designs for banquette seating. You can vary the length and the fabrics. You can do a tight seat bed like the one below, or have a down filled seat cushion as above. You can make it with arms or armless.

banquette custom patricia gray inc1





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  1. Anonymous6/2/08

    I'm amazed! You allways find sooo many inspiering images! Thank you !! :-)

  2. love a good banquette-
    when in ny, go to landmarc downtown and there is a booth, banquette upstairs. round and private and chic.
    great food too. smart post.

  3. Very pretty. I have a question. Wouldn't the actual sofa's (versus a built in) used allow the person to sink down too far when up to a table? I'm short :) so for me this is an issue.

    I especially like the 6th photo down of a kitchen. The black and white checkered floor and striped banquette cushion and the b&w patterned chair pads work so well together.

  4. I love banquettes. I like almost all of them, but the first one actually appeals to me the most. Perhaps partly because I've always wanted a corner bay window like that. But I also think it looks warm and inviting and cozy. And I like that it probably faces into the room to be an integral part of what's going on in the rest of the room. I can see myself sitting there with a latte, a croissant, and my favorite magazine.

  5. I love them all really. Banquette seating is such a space saver, but I've never really "gotten it", until now. You have great images and really shows how creative you can get with built in versus sofa. My favorite is probably the one with the bay window. With the curved shape of the window and the seating, feels very cozy. I want to sit there with my paper and coffee.

  6. Thanks M&Co

    Hi PVE
    Thanks for the tip on the Landmarc. I am longing to go to NYC.

    Hi Cemaya
    Yes an actual sofa is too low for dining. The banquette should be a bit higher and have a firmer seat than a sofa.

    Hi Dale
    I agree with you. That picture is so inviting.

    Hi Tonic Home
    Seems like the banquette in the first photo makes us all want to get cozy with a coffee.

  7. This is excellent and unique. Funny to contrast against what has become so coveted in modern-day dining and cooking areas, such as an elevated dinner counter- to a more luxurious and relaxed, albeit ancient, method of enjoying one's meal. We have become so hastened with today's lifestyle that we have forgotten what it means to SIT DOWN and have a meal! And these make me really want to sit and eat, for ages!

  8. Great post Patricia! I've had this on my mind lately too. I love a good banquette in a restaurant and would love to do one at home.

  9. hi, I love these; I like the one with the black and white as well.

  10. Great post - and very timely too!

    My husband (who is an architect) is working on a few houses and banquettes are all the rave now for breakfast areas and he was in need of some ideas and I showed him your post!!

  11. hi patricia!
    now you're talking my kind of talk - i love banquettes!!!! i'm desigining my second banquette for a client of mine this spring so i'm really excited for that :)

    jenn lee

  12. Love all your banquettes, Patricia! Banquettes are so old-fashioned and cozy.

  13. Patricia, what a lovely and comprehensive post! I love all your examples. I have always adored banquette seating in homes. My parents house has a corner banquette with soft cushions and I loved sitting there as a girl with feet up reading...

    Thank you for reminding me of a lovely design feature I hadn't considered in a long while..

  14. Suzy makes a great point about loving a great banqette at a restaurant. When we eat out we typically request a booth/banqette versus table w/chairs. Cozier.

  15. Fab post Patricia! I love the unconventional ones esp!


  16. I love banquettes so I had a hard time choosing just one favorite! But I think I select the one by Kemble Interiors as my fave.

  17. Very inspiring post, just beautiful.

  18. Patricia,

    Thank you once more for an inspiring post. Although I won't actually be making any purchasing decisions until later this year, I have been wondering about curved seating for in front of the curved windows in our condo and your inclusion of the one from Tenango has made my decision for me. As a designer, would you say that it is more economical to try to find someone local to design and build something like that as opposed to ordering from a supplier?


  19. I love banquettes and have a hard time finding them. This is such a wonderful posts of different syles of banquettes. I really like the first banquette in the Celerie Kemble room with the nail heads on the side.

  20. Anonymous22/2/08

    Great post! I love the different possibilities of banquettes. This is a really good reference.

  21. I always thought banquettes were a wonderfuly way to save space and have comfort in the dining area. Stunning post!

  22. Thanks, Patricia, I am loving the blog of your incredible experiences in Italy!! I am an Interior Designer in North Carolina and appreciate your sharing such great information and design notes! I have spent a bit of time there in Italy myself, and you have me yearning to go back right away! The classes sound fantastic...maybe I will look into doing that as well. I am soaking in your shared wisdom and look forward to the next! Thank you again for sharing!

  23. Anonymous6/10/08

    I am actually looking for a banquette for a client now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. What a delicious post this is, thank you for bringing us so many images. I used to connect the word 'banquette' with cafes and plastic, but these are exquisite.

    Thank you too for putting me on your blog favourites list. I really appreciate it.

  25. Lacey31/3/10

    Oh my goodness I love the first banquette! I've been looking everywhere online for one like it. Who actually makes it? Thanks!

  26. I know I have visited here a couple of times but I truly must add you to my regular visits. Your photos and posts are just lovely. So inspiring.

    Paula M

  27. BF Furniture UK1/2/11

    I am very impressed with your collection of images on this blog. Especially some modern furniture, top class.

  28. Dancil1/2/11

    Love this! I’m such a fan of round dining tables And before I die, I WILL have a picnic table somewhere inside my house :)

  29. I will just have to live vicariously through you and your wonderful photos.

    Angelo H

  30. Anonymous3/9/12

    Just bought a banq. and matching chair for my small living room. Perfect.

  31. The last image inspires such calm feelings and it is full of harmonious “choices”. I have to say that all images in your blog are very carefully selected (chosen) and truly elegant.


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