Feng Shui and your Front Door

I love doors and have saved this picture in my files for awhile. I am now looking at it with renewed interest after being in Italy for a month and seeing old and ornate and colorful doors there (see my posting on some beautiful doors and windows from Florence here). This modern contemporary door is holding a new fascination for me.

AD Santa Monica via Carolina Eclectic

I love how you are being led into the house and how the gate echoes the detail around the door. The grass growing between the paving stones, the two potted plants beside the door are all very welcoming and invite you to enter. Front doors are the first impression the world has of your home and as the saying goes: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What first impression does your front door give to the world? In Feng Shui (click here for an interview on Feng Shui) the energy of your home starts at your front door. Maybe it is time to repaint it, or put some new door numbers up, some new lighting, new door hardware, or maybe some fresh potted flowers?

Photo Architectural Digest Santa Monica via Carolina Eclectic

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  1. Sigh. I am really struggling with some of the doors at Peacock Pavilions. I am not pleased with our main doors but it's too late now:-( The one you have featured is stunning!

    glad you had such a wonderful trip to Italy.

  2. Anonymous8/8/08

    That is the most masterful entry I have ever seen -- simply stunning!

  3. Very interesting lines. I'm crazy for doors also. Especially old ones.

  4. Anonymous10/8/08

    Wonderful post, Patricia. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous10/8/08

    That is such a beautiful entrance! Makes me thinking mine is in need of some work ;-)Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Stunning! I love the clean lines of the doors! Beautiful entrance!

  7. Yes indeed, the door will tell you very much about the rest of the house.
    Welcome back from Europe, it has truly been a pleasure following your trip.
    Many thanks from Ingela

  8. i adore this whole entryway actually ~ all the geometry & symmetry is fantastic.

  9. Anonymous13/8/08

    Dear Patricia,
    I recognize your contemporary entrance door!!! That utterly FABULOUS home was designed by Cedric Gibbons, an incredible set designer (also designed the Oscar) and lived there with his actress/wife Delores del Rio. When I saw the home twenty years ago it was then owned by Adelle and Ira Yellin. Amongst his other projects, Ira rescued/restored the downtown Los Angeles Union Station. It is a most glamorous art deco home, with a black marble floor and fireplace in the living room, which is on the second floor next to the master bedroom and a fabulous bathroom! It now belongs to someone else who I hope is taking good care of it. Thank you for sharing!
    Barbara Robertson, Los Angeles

  10. Anonymous13/8/08

    That entryway is so unique and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love this entry !

  12. Enjoyed watching the clip on feng shui. Have you ever read Nany SantoPietro's book, Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home? I found it to be extremely interesting.

  13. Hi Maryam
    Your doors at Peacock Pavilions are very beautiful...don't second guess yourself!

  14. Hi All
    Thanks for all your comments and your words about my trip in Italy.

  15. Hi My Notting Hill
    Thanks for watching the clip on Feng Shui. Yes I have read Nancy's book. I highly recommend it.
    It is very good on the subject.

  16. Hi Barbara Robertson
    Thanks so much for sharing your information on this house. How interesting! I love a home with a background.

  17. Anonymous16/8/08

    Dear Ms. Gray,
    I’m one of your blog subscribers—you are providing a great resource…I check in all the time. Thanks very much!!

  18. Anonymous16/8/08

    Hi Patricia,

    My name is Becky and I live in NYC. I stumbled across your blog, and am so glad that I did! I am really inspired by your sense of style and aesthetics and also your work. It is awesome that you have share your ideas and design so freely.

    Well, I would be keenly following your blog from now on. Happy Blogging!

  19. That is a beautiful entryway! I think the composition of the photo enhances the look also with the plantings just so.

  20. Love Love Love this front door. It also reminds me of my trip to Italy last November. Italy has such gorgeous architecture and lovely details like you see in the picture above.

    I am just getting started with my blog. Check it out at:

  21. Ken Lauhner30/10/09

    Very fun! The three most important areas of a home for Feng Shui is the entrance, kitchen and bedroom. If the entrance is not suitable, you can do all the remedies you want but if the chi is not flowing, it will be difficult.

  22. Pankaj Toshniwal22/12/09

    Hi Patrica, I really admire your taste and views. thanks for the beautiful post. I'm really inspired.
    being an Interior Architect being inspired by colleague feels wonderful.

  23. Anonymous7/2/11

    This is the most beautiful front doorway I have ever seen. Thanks for a great post!


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