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Richard Keith Langham

I love Books. They are such a source of inspiration. And I know there are a lot of you just like me who are very visual. The Peak of Chic did a great post on books yesterday and posed the question: "How best to display books". Let me know how you display your books. I display my books all over the house....in stacks, on tables, on chairs, countertops, bookshelves and even in the bathroom. I am not a fan of covering books in false jacket covers. There is so much beauty and inspiration in book covers. Having said that, for some books I take off the jacket covers because I find the original binding of the books more attractive, but I always keep the original jacket covers filed away. I also like to rotate books in stacks as decorative objects. I have stacks of books that are current around me and I put the books on top that I most want to look through first. My stacks of books are always changing depending on what I am reading or am inspired by. I do like to arrange books on shelves in subject matter as closely as possible, it makes finding them easier. Large books are better laid flat. Small books grouped together. Magazines filed in piles chronologically and by magazine. But having said all the above, I have no hard & fast rules as my book collection is constantly evolving and ever expanding. Sometimes I am very neat and sometimes books are everywhere in wild abandon.
Absolutely Beautiful Things


David Kleinberg
Bunny Williams Home from New York Social Diary

Miles Redd
Photo New York Social Diary I love this library table with the lamps and chairs all around, just ready to sit down and devour the piles of books.
David Duncan Livingston This is something how my office looks with stacks of magazines.

Cote de Texas I love the way that Cote has all her books stacked.

Bunny Williams Home from New York Social Diary
And this photo is for those of you who don't mind not being able to see the title of the books. I agree that it looks ever so Chic, but I wonder if the books become somewhat mysterious. Would you want to take each book of the shelf and see what was inside? I would!
"You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read." -- Charles Jones

If anyone knows the source of the above "unknown photo" please let me know.


Frank Lloyd Wright - Design Legends

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

Ode on a Grecian Urn - Keats

Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect 1867 - 1959
Falling Water 1935 Pennsylvania

photo from Galen Frysinger photo archive via Desire to Inspire


French Pink

I found this wonderful blog by Melanie who lives in France and has a shop in Provence "LE PETIT CABINET DE CURIOSITES" I love all things French and I was fortunate to have studied Architecture in Paris and Interior Design at Le musée des Arts décoratifs through the Parsons School of Design. However you will have to bear with me on the translations, as my French is a little rusty. I was captivated by the charm of Milani's shop and the pink caught my eye as I have been seeing this color becoming quite popular in North American Interior Design. But in France it has always been in Vogue, particularly since the reign of Louis XIV and his wife Marie Antoinette. Milani's father is an Upholster Extraordinaire. In France it is a noble profession and one that requires schooling and proper apprenticeship under a master. I will do a further posting on Melanie's Father's work which is quite incredible.
The entry to the shop - L'entrée de mon magasin en étage. I love the pink stairs and the geometric design in the floor tile. Notice the brass ball finial on the balustrade.

a small "chauffeuse" (fireside chair) and a "commode" (chest of drawers)

Modern Ambience: Murano glass lamp, Plexiglass console, Designer Guild wallpaper

Pierre Frey cushion, Architectural Element lamp, Linen and organza tablecloth . I love this whole tablescape!
Poteries Ravel & une " duchesse brisée " de jardin en fer forgé 1900

dans un coin du salon , un endroit propice à la prière .... prie dieu en noyer XIX , pelochon en issus vintage et cadre ...
A collection of 19th century frames

After I had done this posting I got this lovely gift from Melanie:

Thank-you Melanie


Paul Grant Cutright - Photographer Extraordinaire

Paul is a dear friend of mine and an exceptionally talented Fine Art Photographer living in heaven - Santa Fe, NM. He works with digital and alternative processes. The first image is a "hand-etched SX-70 Polaroid image". I have no idea how he does it, but I think the technique is pretty amazing. It is so technicolor and very dreamy. I love your work Paul. See more of his photographs here & here
Secret Temple Garden

Untitled This picture leaves me speechless (I guess that's why it's Untitled) New Mexico SkyDome of the Rock - This is an SX-70 Polaroid image of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Through the Bathroom Window

Sante Fe Window

"Artists help us to see and understand the world around us better." Patricia Gray

Axel Munthe - La Strada della Dolce Vita

Villa San Michele, Capri

The house was small, the rooms were few
but there were loggias, terraces, and pergolas
all around it to watch the sun, the sea
and the clouds -- the soul needs more space than the body.

Reading this poem just makes me sigh and relax. It is so true what he says that "the soul needs more space than the body". Living in the city can take it's toll on you. It certainly does for me especially in the summer. I long to watch the "sun, the sea and the clouds"....but for now this wonderful picture will just have to do.

Excerpt by Axel Munthe from La Strada della Dolce Vita
via StyleCourt.
Thanks for sharing this poem out of your book.



"Every post we each create leaves an imprint on our world. We are contributing to the creative success of each other. Every comment we leave for one another is a 'hand up' to more ideas - sharing - caring - confidence." LibertyPostGallery

Thank-you to all of you for taking the time to post comments on my Blog, and for all the wonderful inspiration I receive from your Blogs!!


Paul Montgomery Studio Wallpapers

Paul Montgomery Studio™, Inc. is a line of hand-painted wallpaper murals that I saw at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. They are exquisitely beautiful. The Niermann Weeks showroom that carries this line of wallpaper, had an entire wall in their showroom papered in "Views of Italy". Canton Garden/Custom Mono
The above two pictures depict a full mural . Each of them are 10 panels at 36" wide. The height can be from 4 feet to 12 feet. So these 2 pictures equal 20 panels x 36" wide = 60 lineal feet. This would work in a room 10' x 20' or 15' x 15'. Custom colors & background papers are available. You can even customize the scene, adding or subtracting subject matter. The sky is the limit. The only drawback is that there are so many options to choose from. I love the fact that these scenic murals add an extra dimension to the room and are a visual feast.

Below are some examples of the different design themes they offer in their collection.

The European Panoramics Collection is a range of beautiful hand- painted wallpaper murals designs. The designs are mostly based on the original 18th Century French hand blocked wallpapers which were well known in Europe and are still popular today.
Pacific Pastorale

The Antiquities Collection depicts either allegorical or historical scenes dating from as far back as the Tang and Qing dynasty (1200-1900 BC). They are painted in a special technique which creates a feeling of antique quality and beauty. The designs are well known around the world and can still be seen in museums in China and elsewhere. The designs include scenes of village life and ceremonial settings populated with detailed figures, while others depict beautiful and serene landscapes.
Town In Song Dynasty

Coutts Night Life of Han Xi Zai

The Chinoiseries Collection is a beautiful series of hand-painted wallpaper designs based on classical Chinese themes including floral and nature scenes which were traditionally used on screens and other decorative objects in China.The style of painting done today is in the same historical style that was used on the original wallpaper that was so popular in Europe starting in the late 17th Century, when these wallpapers were first exported from China.

Wisteria Rose Garden/Ground silk Trelliage
Calloway Garden

Fang Kuai Papers
When paper was first used for wallpaper, large sheets of paper were not yet available, so small pieces were joined together to create larger panels that could be painted with scenes and used as wallpaper. Paul Montgomery has re-created this antique effect by joining small pieces of paper together in the exact method once used, showing the overlap and lines of each hand-laid piece

Warrenton Garden
Quiet Forest
"By asking for the impossible we obtain the best possible."-- Italian Proverb


Raoul Textiles

Raoul Textiles is an exclusive fabric line that is carried at the Chicago Merchandise Mart in the George Smith showroom. I want to bring it to everyone's attention because it is a very beautifully designed fabric line.

It is hand-printed on a very fine Belgian linen in Santa Barbara, California. I wish you could touch these fabrics and feel the beautiful hand they have. I love the freshness of the colors and the movement in the designs, and the fact that it is printed by hand and made locally rather than abroad. I am all for supporting local artisans. My motto is that I always try to source my products locally to begin with, then I will go further afield if necessary.

Emma Jane Pilkington House and Garden
above fabric on chair backs

I love the colors in this fabric - soft teal blue with chocolate. It is something you would never tire of.

This is their current advertisement showing 3 different fabrics

This fabric reminds me of my favourite Auntie Anne and something she would have worn in clothing in the 70's. And this fabric also reminds me of something Florence Broadhurst could have designed in that era.

Drapery fabric Raoul "Miranda" Domino Magazine Oct 2006

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