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Café Campana at the Musée d'Orsay Paris

Musée d'Orsay Paris

After an inspiring stroll through the new Impressionist Gallery on Level 5 of the Musée d'Orsay you arrive at the breath taking new new Pavilion Amont, the station's former engine house, and the Café Campana with futuristic décor by the Brazilian Campana Brothers. It is a provocative jumble of orange twisted coated wire fencing, sea anemone chairs by Edra, gold laser-cut lampshades resembling bells and the magnificent station clock as the focal point. This restaurant/cafe is not to be missed on a trip to Paris! Make sure that you sit facing the clock as you can actually see the hands moving and you have a beautiful view of the city of Paris. I had the most delicious salad – Comme une Niçoise with heart of cos lettuce, cherry tomato, anchovy filet, potato, tuna, hard-boiled egg and olives. See the menu here.

IMG_1632Paris Jan 2012_682IMG_1633Paris Jan 2012_683

Cafe Flottes, 2 rue Cambon Paris

I fell in love with this Paris restaurant. It was close to my Hotel and it is on the same block as Chanel’s original store at 31 rue Cambon. Flottes serves the best home cooked French food in a casual atmosphere, and it is a favourite with the local Parisians; and rightly so. The atmosphere is bustling and friendly and the food is

Cafe Flottes Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©  Cafe Flottes Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©  
simple, robust and excellent. I ate there three nights in a row and every night I had a glass of their Bordeaux wine with the special of the day followed by desert and an espresso of course. I had, respectively, the Beef bourguignon, Confit de canard, Piece de boeuf de Salers with béarnaise sauce and frites. For desert I had, two nights in a row because it was so good, tarte des demoiselles Tatin with crème fraîche - an  upside down caramelized apple tart. I wish I had taken pictures of my food but I was too busy eating it. You can see the menu here. They also have a cookbook which I wanted to buy but my suitcase was already full. A nice touch to the restaurant is that Mademoiselle Flottes was bustling around the restaurant all three nights I ate there.

Cafe Flottes Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©
The seafood bar at Flottes restaurant in Paris is on the sidewalk and you can watch the seafood platters being prepared the as you walk by.

Cafe Flottes Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©
Flottes restaurant cookbook features the dishes they serve at the restaurant that have made them a favourite with the local Parisians.

Le Grand Colbert, 2 rue Vivienne Paris

On my visit to Paris I wanted to eat at Le Grand Colbert in Paris because of the history of the restaurant dating back to 1637, and the name taken from Louis XIV’s finance minister, a man well versed in cuisine, and also because my girlfriend had her wedding dinner at this restaurant….and if that is not enough, it is Le Grand Colbert restaurant is in the movie with Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, and Jack Nicholson – Something’s Gotta Give. Well the food was not the best I had eaten in Paris, but I ended up having a great time, as I spent the evening in conversation with the German couple sitting next to me who were in Paris for the Chanel haute couture fashion show at the Grand Palais that very day. They have been haute couture customers of Chanel’s for quite a few years and get an invitation to the show twice a year, as well as going to the famous Chanel workroom on 31 rue Cambon the day after the show to choose the pieces from the collection that will be custom made to measure for Mademoiselle. I found myself living vicariously through them; their telling me about the show, the background of haute couture, the goings on behind the scenes, etc. The show this year (I don’t know how Karl Lagerfeld does it) tops all other shows. It was set in an airplane and there were two shows back to back – one for the haute couture customers (of which there are merely 200 in the whole world) and the other show for the press. You never know who will be sitting beside you when you dine in Paris. You can download an app to your iPhone or iPad of the fashion show here. Oh, and Mademoiselle has promised to send me photos when her haute couture gowns arrive!

Le Grand Colbert Patricia Gray | Interior Design © Le Grand Colbert Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©   Le Grand Colbert Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©
At Le Grand Colbert restaurant in Paris I had Belle Sole “meunière style” and for desert traditional French Crêpe Suzette flambéed with Grand Mariner.

Au 35, 35 Rue Jacob

The restaurant Au 35, was recommended to me by the concierge at my Hotel at the last minute. I asked for something simple and easy as it was my last evening in Paris. Au 35 was a 5 minute walk from my Hotel. When I walked into Au 35 I instantly felt good about the place.  It was cozy and authentic, and featured delicious French food made with the freshest ingredients. The entree I had was probably one of the best seafood dishes I have ever tasted, and I mean seriously, it was superb. It was a piece of local white fish on a bed of the most delicious tasting potatoes. It is one of those dishes I will dream of at night and when I think of it, I will be transported back in time to that moment in Paris. My entree was listed on the chalkboard menu as: Filet de julienne à la pomme de terre ceraxi. For desert I had crème brûlée with salted butter fudge – yumm!

Au 35 Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©
Filet de julienne à la pomme de terre ceraxi at Au 35 restaurant in Paris

Au 35 Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©  Au 35 Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©
Au 35 restaurant Paris

Au Sauvignon, 80 Rue des Saints-Pères

This wine bar, Au Sauvignon, was recommended by the concierge at my Hotel. He says it is a place that he likes to go to with his friends for a drink before dinner of going to the theatre. It is one of he busiest and most chic spots in Paris, thanks to its location in the heart of the Left Bank, nestled among small designer boutiques and art galleries, just a stone's throw away from Au Bon Marché and across the street from Hermes’ newest store. The specialties are its tartines, or open-faced sandwiches made from pain poilâne and a single page of the compact menu and offers whites, reds and a few rosés, either by the glass or bottle.Au Sauvignon Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©

Au Sauvignon Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©  Au Sauvignon Patricia Gray | Interior Design ©
Au Sauvignon Wine Bar Paris staircase

A steep staircase leading up to the restrooms at Au Sauvignon displays a clutter of posters celebrating the arrival of new vintages of Beaujolais, cartoon, caricatures, and paintings of Paris, including one of the bar itself. Amongst all this it’s easy to miss an inconspicuous hanging metal sign displaying the maxim “Le prix attire la clientele, la qualité seule la retient” – The price attracts the customer; only the quality brings them back.

If you have had the pleasure of eating at any of these Paris restaurants, please let me know your experience by leaving a comment here.

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  1. Anonymous3/2/12

    This is just so beautiful. It also made me hungry LOL

    1. yeah me too.. and the cake looks so yummy

  2. Dahhhling what a great tour & review... loved the photos!

  3. you have taken such great shots.

    this fave restaurant of your looks like a MUST EAT AT place.
    i will be sure to.

    i get so sad when i see paris .....
    i am here...
    and paris is over there!!!

    but of course,
    i will never miss a 'paris post'.


  4. We need to have din din in Paris, October?

  5. Hi Ivan
    The next Maison et Object show is in Paris Sept 7 – 11 2012. Try to plan on going to that!

  6. Bette4/2/12

    Enchanting, Patricia. We plan to spend New Year’s in Paris this year. Our sixth or seventh trip.
    Your photos are absolutely perfect……….

  7. Hi Bette
    I couldn't think of a better place to bring in the New Year.
    Be sure to take pictures and email me!

  8. Thank you Patricia for a delicious review.
    We've been to cafe Flottes on our first evening in Paris last August. We had Puolet fermier de l'Aveyron roti, puree maison and our preteen son had Taglatelles bolognaise . Watching the locals we ended up doing the same: mopping up the sauce with a piece of baguette leaving clean dishes. It was the most delicious chicken in my life. Lovely place, you are right.
    I've bookmarked other places you've recommended not to be missed on our next trip. Thank you.

  9. i love the first one... it's gorgeous!!! Happy weekend!

  10. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!!!! I would LOVE to dine at ALL!!!

  11. That looks so fantastic, I remember having had the best food in Europe too, I can't wait to go back there!

  12. paris is a fabulous place and I love the style of the city , esp. these cozy cafes!


  13. Patricia,

    Lovely snaps and great subjects everywhere in Paris. Rich with inspiration and the best camera is the one that's always with you (so true)..lovely!


  14. Hi Patricia,

    It seems you are having a grand time in Paris, love to follow your play by play, most interesting and so grateful for the addresses and the comments.



  15. Paris is a city full of beauty, whether in its architecture, museums, or the natural environment. Thanks for sharing this

  16. Hello Patricia!!!
    Your blog is fantastic!!! I like so much your blog. Congratulations from Spain.
    Muñoz Bautista

  17. My wirlwind tour of Paris was exhausting, alas, i only did have time enough to enjoy 2 great meals.I spent the day going through all the modern galleries of the left bank, such an education! Loved it
    Wishing you a Happy Valentine my dear friend, a celebration of friendship...

  18. WOW!! that first pic? Yummy!! :) Paris is one city am dying to go on vacation!!

  19. We went to Au Sauvignon in the Summer and it was wonderful, I had the steak tartare which was amazingly delicious and the creme brulee for dessert and it was probably my favourite meal of our whole week in Paris. We sat outside too and it was just delightful. Thank you for the little reminder of it.

  20. Como é bom passar por aqui e ver suas postagens de muito
    bom gosto.´
    É com muito prazer que leio seu blog.

  21. Patricia I am hungry just looking at these gorgeous images!! Ah I plan to go to Paris in the Autumn!

  22. Anonymous22/2/12

    I really like your blog:) Great pics and som much inspiration...I wish you a lovely week.
    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  23. Oh my what a wonderful experience. Love all the photo's and thank you so much for posting all of the information!

  24. Hi, Patricia! Great article and the pictures, of course. Au sauvignon's coziness has really caught my attention! Almost a year ago I got lucky enough to visit Paris as well. I wanted to soak Montmarte's atmosphere to the fullest so I decided to enter one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, (the fact I wasn't aware of at the time)! It's called Le Refuge des Fondus. The place is not very classy but it's given me the most amusing dining experience ever since wine was served in baby bottles!

  25. ...and I wonder how those french women fit into those teensy tiny chanel clothes!

  26. The food seems to be so yummy... I am hungry now. The prawn one looks very beautiful the way it arranged.

  27. Brad from Maui7/3/12

    Aloha Patricia,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Very informative, very entertaining and very well designed. No surprise coming from a designer.

  28. Helena7/3/12

    Dear Patricia Gray

    I follow your blog from Sweden, where I work as a free lance journalist and with interior design.
    I really appreciate all the wonderful things you share and the great work you do.


  29. Patricia,

    We met when you dined at Nuba at the Waldorf Hotel some time ago, and how have i not stumbled upon your blog until now? It's lovely and ALL of these places to dine sound lovely, oh one can dream. Thank you for sharing and i'm so happy I found you here!

    Dani, of dani press cards.

  30. Halo Patricia.. your blog is so lovely and the cake is so yummy...

    warm regards from me,

  31. I am so hungry, I want to eat all of these.

  32. Wow - what a post and the photography is fantastic! The Pavilion Amont looks like a must visit. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I can't wait to try ALL of these restaurants when I go to Paris (one day). What delectable cake! What intriguing Café Campana decor!

  34. Thank you for the fantastic tour. Great post! Au Sauvignon is really calling my name. I will be noting all of these places as "must-sees" on my next trip!

  35. We really love the lamps! Hace great presence in space!

    Kisses from Spain,
    Atelier Decor team

  36. Thanks for the sharing of these beautiful pictures Patricia. The Café Campana looks amazing, lovely bistro.

  37. this looks beautiful!

  38. What a cozy little place, will remember that next time I'm in Paris.

  39. Wow - what a fantastic post! and as for the photography 10/10. The Pavilion Amont looks like a must visit. Thanks for an excellent post!

  40. Very crowdy place and I think the food was good as well the place.


  41. Paris is a so beautiful place and I love this city.

  42. it is so fantastic and I love it so much


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