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An interior designer finds the right moment to exercise her gifts as an artist
Patricia Gray Interior Design | Fine Art 
Patricia Gray has made a name for herself as an interior designer in Vancouver, building a career and reputation over a 40-year span. Casting an artist’s eye on kitchens, family rooms and entire homes, she has created living spaces that are works of style and function.
And with the tools of her craft – colours, fabrics and furniture – she has used three-dimensional spaces as her canvasses.

She sells her work internationally, as well as through her website (www.patriciagrayart.com), to her interior design clients, and through other interior designers and architects.
Today, some of Gray’s design clients have collected seven or eight pieces of her artwork in their homes.

She acquires much of the inspiration for her pieces from her travels. A trip to Desolation Sound along the north coast of British Columbia, for instance, provoked and influenced some of her work. She attempted to capture the feelings that were stirred by the depth and luminosity of the water in this remote and pristine location.
Owning original artwork is something everyone should experience, Gray says. “It’s an investment in your life and your lifestyle. It enriches your surroundings. Original art can be looked at over and over and over again. You get so much more energy and vibration from it. It’s an acquired taste, something everyone should experience.”Patricia Gray Fine Art
Patricia Gray | Fine Art 
Platinum Sea Diptych
Silver Leaf, Resin and Pigment on Panel

Patricia Gray Fine Art
Patricia Gray | Fine Art 
Indigo on Silver Leaf 

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Even though I designed this kitchen 14 years ago it is still getting published. 
Good design is timeless!

Thank you Amara and LuxPad!

Even though I designed this kitchen 14 years ago it is still getting published.

 PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning artist and interior designer in Vancouver. 

2018 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™




I am offering a unique 7 day workshop in the French Countryside in the first week of September 2018.
We will be staying at a beautifully renovated private country home located in the medieval village of La Charité-sur-Loire.
Some of the highlights:
Daily Plein Air painting.
- Morning private vineyard tour of the surrounding Sancerre area, afternoon painting plein air in a private organic vineyard.
- Saturday morning farmers market, afternoon painting still lifes of our purchases.
- Picnic lunch on the bank of the Loire River, afternoon painting plein air.
- Visit to the French village of Vezelay, lunch in the village, afternoon plein air painting.
- Small group of 3-4
- Gourmet French meals prepared by renowned chef.

I will be giving daily demonstrations using watercolour and pastel. You are free to bring your favourite medium.
La Charité-sur-Loire is a two hour train ride south of Paris on the Loire River.

If you are interested please email me at: patriciagrayart@gmail.com

 PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning artist and interior designer in Vancouver. 

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