Zebra Carpets

Everywhere I look lately, everything is coming up Zebra. Animal prints are very much in Vogue right now, but especially the classic and stately Zebra. I have heard it said that no two Zebras have the same stripes. I was fortunate to go on a Safari in Africa and to see herds of these beautiful animals. An amazing sight, indeed. They have tufts of fur that stand up along their spine. I remember them being quite sturdy, like a Pinto Pony. Almost all of the zebra carpets that we are seeing now are stripes simulated on cow hides or wool area carpets, which I am in favour of. As you will see in the following pictures zebra carpets can be laid on a bare floor or layered over carpets. Just make sure your carpet has a short pile. So without further ado, I will honor these wonderful carpets inspired from the stately Zebra, as seen in some of the chicest abodes.........
Design by fellow Blogger Vanessa of Turquoise LA
Above 2 pictures Todd Romano
Above 2 pictures Schuyler Samperton's own living room
Above 2 pictures Ruthie Sommers In Style Home Spring 2007
Above 2 pictures Michael Taylor
Above 3 pictures Mary McDonald zebra carpets in living areas and an entry foyer.
Entry way luxe Entry way luxe 2
Above 3 pictures showing Zebra Carpets used in Enty Foyers and under a desk Burnhamn Design
There is even a classic zebra inspired fabric that Brunschwig and Fils has done for years called "Le Zebre"
And what about a zebra striped ceramic stool?
O Magazine Sept 2007 spotted at Fresh Pallette
From Vintage book: Billy Baldwin Decorates, Billy Baldwin uses this zebra carpet with such panache via Style Court
Above 3 pictures Zebra Carpets Anne Coyle Interiors
Notice the black backing.
Zebra Rug from a furrier in Canada
Pieced together these make a stunning large zebra area carpet, complete with straight edges. I love the orange sofa & ceiling, and the wall of shiny black bookcases.
Interior Design Wallace Bryan,photography Erica George Dines via Fresh Pallette
Postscript December 31 2007 I have to tell you that I am not a proponent for using real zebra carpets. I have learnt that they are indeed an endangered species. Let's leave them where they belong....in the wild. There are many good imitations that can be used, unless you are lucky enough to own a Vintage Zebra hide.


  1. Fantastic post, very exhaustive! I was thinking lately how much zebra has been around and was just about to do a post on it but you beat me to the punch. I'll just have to do it from a different angle now. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images with us.

  2. Hi Suzy
    Yes please do a posting on zebra carpets from your own perspective. I would love to see it through your eyes.

  3. Nice to have you back, P!

    I almost did the zebra look in our new office space. I just couldn't pull the trigger. It was because I saw them everywhere. I pride myself on appreciating style, not trends...but as we've all discussed, so few people actually place these in their homes that it would be hard to call it a trend that has taken off anywhere except photo shoots and magazines. Either way, I still can't help but loving how they look and adoring them when used well in a space. Burnhamn Design and Domino make such clever us of the rugs. They accentuate, but don't dominate the space. Fetching.

    very nice array of resources and inspiration, Patricia. I hope the move went smoothly.

  4. Welcome back, Patricia! Great, thorough post. Love all the wonderful photos.

  5. Hi Franki
    I think the zebra could make quite a statement in your office. It is very unique to have in an office space and fun too.

  6. Hi Anne
    Good to be back posting after my move.

  7. I've always loved zebra! Great post and glad that you are back.

  8. Thanks Neutral dwelling.

  9. Patricia, what a thorough and wonderful post! For some reason, it really bothers me seeing zebra rugs, as they are such beautiful animals and I have an ethical dilemma with these rugs. But isn't it funny that I am okay owning and wearing leather goods made from cows? I am a hypocrite I guess, and the cute animals get more sympathy. They do make beautiful rugs...are zebras endangered at all? I know it is gauche to bring up these topics, but I thought i would add my thoughts anyway, as I am not being critical, just acknowledging that even I have mixed values about these things! And by the way, I love skulls and antlers and feel bad about that too. But something about a zebra hide makes me feel funny in my tummy... :)

    Great post though!

  10. Great post! I love the collection of images. Thanks for the mention! (I have the fresh palette blog/aka Things that Inspire)

  11. Anonymous21/10/07

    So glad you're back, hope your move went well.
    Zebra is my daughter's favorite. Her bedroom in SF is blk & white with a zebra rug, I'll have to show her this post! It's great :)

  12. I agree, Patricia. It would have been fun. My challenge was finding a quality one that didn't look cartoon-ish. In the end, I opted for a completely difference angle. But there's always next year when I redecorate ;)

  13. Hi Fresh Palette
    Thanks for your inspiration via the pictures.

  14. Hi Robyn
    Stay tuned for your daughter as I will be doing more postings on Zebra inspirations.

  15. Hi Franki
    You're right there is always "next year".

  16. Wonderful, wonderful post!! So glad to have you back. Hope you are getting settled in!

  17. Hi All the Best
    Thanks....and I am still getting settled in, lots more to do though.

  18. Anonymous11/12/07

    Nice, as long as it aint real!

  19. Anonymous31/12/07

    I am sad to say that zebras are indeed endangered. Use faux zebra rugs. The patterned designs are sublime, and look absolutely splendid in a space. I love the look with splashes of color here and there. Pure luxe!

  20. Hi Patrick & D
    I am agree, let's us Faux Zebra!!

  21. Anonymous23/6/08

    Hi Patricia,

    I'm finally moving out of my parent's house into my own condo and would love to have a zebra rug. Can you suggest some Canadian (preferably Western Provinces) shops that carry some of these rugs? I'd love to get one but my budget would be at most $600.

    Any information would be great! (Or anyone else who has any ideas!)


  22. Wow, this is one of the best collections of zebra rug pics I've seen in a long time. I too am completely in love with the zebra rugs. Hope to have one soon!


  23. Yes! Not much sexier than zebra rugs. Just found your blog - Great post! Looking forward to reading more.


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