Decorating Chic with Zebra Carpets

Following my post on Zebra carpets, I started to see similarities between certain designs. Do you see the similarities in the following pictures???

Both have off white sofas and side chairs w/ zebra area carpets under the coffee table

Both have skirted cream chairs, traditional scheme w/ zebra area carpets

Both have green walls, patterned sofa/patterned cushions, dark coffee tables, floating side chairs w/ zebra area carpets

Both have dark blue walls, dark floors w/ zebra area carpets

Both have black & white geometric print on chairs w/ zebra area carpets


  1. I see something great and wild ..
    Have you seen the zebra Missoni's fabric ? Just gorgeous . i think I have to use this design

  2. omg! that is TOO funny! You are so right - some of these rooms look exactly alike! Great eye, great post, Patricia.


  3. Hi Melanie
    No I haven't seen Missoni's zebra fabric. I bet it is spectacular.

  4. Hi Joni
    The similarities would have escaped me if I hadn't put all these pictures together in the last post. Thanks for your comments.

  5. The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!

  6. www.decogirlmontreal.com1/9/10

    Love your Zebra collection, there is nothing like a little of Africa in our home decor. Somehow it introduces an unusual elementwhich creates harmony.


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