Fornasetti Carpets

Fornasetti wallpapers are beautiful, well-made and bang on trend. My favorite ‘Tema e Variazioni’ inspired by the enigmatic face of a beautiful woman he came across in an old French magazine.


Piero Fornasetti was born in Milan (1913-1988) and became an eclectic painter, sculptor, interior designer, craftsman, engraver of art books and organizer of international exhibitions and events. Believing strongly in disegnothe practice of sketching and copying – as the legacy of the Italian artistic tradition, his unique style shows a strong sense of irony. He worked independently of the avant-garde and his production of exquisitely made objects, textiles and furniture, some of which are in the V&A Museum, is one of the largest of the 20th century.

Fornasetti's latest collection transfers the work this Milanese artist and interior designer into bold carpets. I love the bold whimsical nature of them.



How great would this area carpet be in an entry foyer

Buona_Notte Viso

Buona Notte / Viso

These area carpets feature the enigmatic face of a his beautiful French woman - one with eyes open and one with eyes closed

Serratura Mano

Serratura / Mano

How great would these carpets be in a hallway

Cortile_BW Pavimento

Cortile / Pavimento

These carpets are so enigmatic and remind me of a beautiful silk scarf in the manner of Hermes or Gucci.


Ortensia / Serpente

For a little more spice or drama a beautiful leaf in the botanical style or the symbolic serpentine.

Which one is your favorite pick?


  1. While I appreciate the artistic appeal of Fornasetti, I could not feel comfortable with "watchful eyes" following my every move!!


  2. Anonymous21/2/08

    These carpets are unbelievable!! I must have one. I do love the idea of the watchful eye...that would make me chuckle everyday :)

  3. I think the red lips are the coolest. I haven't told you lately, but I appreciate all the lessons in design you share with all of us. We are lucky.

  4. Anonymous21/2/08

    I've always had a fondness for Fornasetti designs. The first image is great...I'd love it as a wall hanging.

  5. Hi Linda
    I am glad you found this post interesting and the "watchful" eyes. It's not for everyone.

    Hi CE
    Chuckling everyday is a good thing!

    Hi LPE
    Awww thanks for your kind works..I feel so lucky to have this venue to express myself and I always appreciate your comments.

    Hi MM&I
    The first image is actually wallpaper. So you could frame it as a wallhanging. It would look great.

  6. Hi Patricia - I guess Fornasetti is making the rounds! Great post!

  7. Hi Patricia - my favorite would have to be the carpets :-) the one on the left :-)

  8. Hi Patricia. I have to say that my favorite is the one with the red lipstick lips. These carpets are wild and gorgeous just like you and your blog. That's why I gave you a "you make my day" award. Check out my blog to find out more.

  9. Your fornasetti's post fits perfectly in my "black posts week"
    My favorite is the carpet with the lock

  10. hi patricia, the wallpaper and carpets are awesome! where can i purchase them? we are going through a renovation right now and i would like to hang (frame?) the wallpaper on our foyer. i love Bacio also, which might look good on our basement family room so people can easily see the image on carpet as they go downstairs.(we will have grays and red accents in the basement). what do you think?

  11. oh, the serpente! i love it!

  12. These are so unusual. they really would make a statement. I've always loved the face - so I would chose that one. Very interesting to think abouat Patricia.

  13. I love the Pavimento! So interesting.

  14. I love Cortile and Pavimento. And a square carpet is so cool! Lana

  15. Anonymous11/3/08

    You can find these rugs at www.roubinirugs.com


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