Skirted Tables

I have lately had a renewed interest in skirted tables. They add a nice touch to a room where an open table with legs just won't do. Two of my favorite Design Icons, Albert Hadley and David Hicks were quite fond of using this treatment. The examples I have shown here are tailored and use plain fabrics with pleated corners and/or a center pleat. I always line my skirts and have them just barely touching the floor. The 5th and 6th pictures have an interesting grommet detail on the corners. Glass can be put on the top of these tables to protect the surface or as Vicente Wolf has done for the design for a dining room table, he has used a piece of granite or marble for the top. Cote de Texas has done an interesting post on skirted tables that is worth checking out.

Jan Showers

Jan Showers

westbrook interiors

Westbrook Interiors

eric piasecki photography

Note that here is a substantial fringe on this table. Eric Piasecki Photography

robertburke todd romano via habitually chie

Robert Burke Todd Romano

beachdwelling com

Interesting Grommet detail above and below. Beach Dwelling

master night table beachdwelling com1

Beach Dwelling


Katrin has used an interesting bead trim on the scalloped edge for this table skirt. Katrin Cargill

Vicente Wolf methome

Vicente Wolfe

via Cote de Texas4

Image via Cote de Texas


  1. Katrin Cargill is insanely brilliant.

  2. girl you are brave to take on this subject. Katrin Cargill did a friend of mine's house in Houston that i am going to discuss soon. She is insanely brilliant, especially with fabrics and authenticity of style. beautiful post.

    Ih, :)

  3. I'm worried that anything I say will stir up the dreaded skirted table debate again! Great pics though.

  4. Gorgeous pics!

  5. Anonymous5/2/08

    Oh no! Don't say table skirts.

  6. I like the scalloped one. Great post.

  7. Anonymous5/2/08

    Gorgeouse inspiration! I want one of my own!! :-)

  8. You have certainly selected some wonderful examples! Beautiful rooms.

  9. Joni is right you are brave !
    I love skirted table , indeed you can make it modern, timeless , classic or old fashioned

  10. Well...brave or not, there is nothing I like better than a tailored, well made, skirted table.
    Thanks for all your comments.


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