Albert Hadley & Sister Parish

I deeply believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives. Albert Hadley

Parish- Hadley Associates Inc.

I live by this quotation of Albert Hadley's. Ever since I was a child I instinctively felt better in beautiful surroundings. Like great art and music we need our souls to be fed and nourished and it is equally important to have our homes be beautiful, in whatever form that may be.

On my theme of all things "Albert Hadley" this week, Aleem Kassam, an up and coming Interior Designer here in Vancouver is leaving this weekend to go to Chicago to finish his degree in Interior Design. For a going away gift I gave him Albert Hadley's book with a note from me in the front page of the book, saying that Albert Hadley & Sister Parish have been my mentors since I was in Design School and that I hoped that he would be as inspired by his (their) work as I have been. Good luck and all the best to you, Aleem for your Interior Design schooling in Chicago!


  1. Patricia I agree! I am high affected by my surroundings...for better or for worse.

  2. Design does affect moods and can drastically enhance one's emotions. Like someone once told me, "design is, creating the perfect backdrop for life to happen" =)


  3. Hi All the Best
    You are so right...for better or worse. Let's hope we can always be in the "better" surroundings.

  4. Hi J Lee
    I love that quotation:"design is, creating the perfect backdrop for life to happen" Thanks


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