Moving Day

It's moving day...finally. I have been working on the renovation of my new townhouse in downtown Vancouver for the past 12 months. The most difficult job I have ever done in my career is my own place. It is finally ready to move into. I want to thank all the wonderful and talented people that have helped me bring this "Labour of Love" to fruition:

Contractor and Foremen - Mark, Ken
Design and Back-up - Linda,Ann
CAD Technician - Carole
Framing & Millwork - Ken, Eamann, Grant
Painters - Eddie, Eugene
Plumbers - Dave Sr. and Dave Jr.
Plumbing Fixture Supply - Sony, Brandon, Michael
Electricians - Keith, Tad, Kevin, Paul
Lighting fixture Supply - Matt, Jamie, Dal, Amber
Drywallers - Tim & Crew
Andy- Sprinklers
Security - Rebecca, Juanita
Dan - Gas Fitter
Metal Handrail Fabrication - Ken & Crew
Cabinets - Lindsay, Kelly, Rob, Joe
Countertop Installation - Willy & Quinn
Countertop Supply - Scott
Appliances - Sylvia, Rod, Marina
Appliance Installation - Roger
Appliance Delivery - Alex , Marty
Sanding, Clean-up, Details, Details - Annetta, Ken, Eamann
Tile Supply - Paul, Sara, Haley, Maria
Tile Installation - Doug & Crew
Floor Levelling - Paul
Hardwood Floor Installation - Steve, Karen, Clay
Mirror & Glass - Bob, John
Shutters - Thomas, Mel
Window Coverings - John
Carpet Supply - Norm
Carpet Install - Tony
Audio Visual - Don
Packing & Cleaning - Irene
Help on Moving Day - Ann, Gary, John, Linda,Wilbur,Jeanette
Movers - Sal,Kev

Thanks - I could not have done it without all of you!!!!


  1. When do we get to see the new digs??

  2. Congratulations! :-)
    Would love to see some snaps of your new home..

  3. Isn't amazing how many hands it takes to get a job done?

    I too am looking forward to the photos.

  4. Yea! Dying to see!

  5. Congrats! Looking forward to the tour...!


  6. Oh congratulations! What a feeling of accomplishment it must be! :-)

  7. Hi Patricia,

    I can't wait to see the new place. Why is it always easier to decorate for others???

  8. how sweet of you to credit all of those involved. good luck with your (much deserved, highly anticipated) move! Let us know when you land! ;)

  9. Congrats to you! Can't wait to see the photos of the place when you're all unpacked!
    And good on you for giving credit where it's deserved.

  10. Congrats on the completion of your new home, it's always so rewarding after the long anticipation and hard work to come together ... I'm excited to see the home behind the beautiful design mind ... best of luck with the move ...

  11. WOW! That's a great team! Congrats on the move!

  12. Congratulations, must feel great, I wish I could see it!

  13. Now comes the fun part--decorating! Can't wait to see your new home!

  14. Oh, can't wait to see your new nest! I know, I'm a total basket case with my own stuff and confident with others, don't know why that is! est wishes!

  15. I can not wait to see the result ...

  16. Only you with your usual grace would think to publically thank everyone! A lesson to all, good manners.


  17. I know you are probably very busy getting settled, but I am having withdrawal from your blog! Please come back soon and fill us in on your beautiful new home.....

  18. This post absolutely embodies the kind of person that you are! We all must learn to say thank you more often!

    PS Patricia would you mind sending me an email with your favorite white laquer paint and your favorite white paint for rooms. Can you believe I want to bring back mini-quarts with me to Morocco for matching!

  19. I am, like everyone else here, dying to see photographs!

  20. Patricia, I'm most excited to see the Alma Epi in your photo. One of my all time favorite bags ;) I should have suspected you would have impeccable taste in accessories as well.


  21. Just checking in! Hope things are going well. I will be "moving in" in the next couple of weeks too. I know it takes awhile to get settled, but looking forward to seeing you soon! Miss ya!

  22. Hi Patricia - Hope the move is going well. Wishing you a speedy and calm unpacking ... excited and looking forward to seeing your new space. All the best! Cheers n' Smiles!

  23. Nice to meet you!nice place and wish you luck;)


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