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  1. Anonymous19/9/07

    love these photos :)

  2. beige is such a soft tone ... i love how it can brighten a space but at the same time tone it down. that doggie image is by far the best!


  3. I am not usually a beige girl. I certainly use it for client's spaces, but in my own home I have tended to shy away from it...until recently. I just gave my master bedroom a makeover, and beige (or taupe) is actually one of the predominant shades I used; and I am ever so happy. You can have a look if you like...here is the link: http://restyledhome.blogspot.com/2007/09/finally-all-finished-and-and-all-grown.html

    Your site is inspirational, as always...


  4. I am an absolute sucker for neutrals. Nothing brings me more peace than a beige/neutral interior, with maybe a splatter or earth tones, perharps a brick colour here and there in accessories.

    And what an amazing montage. I fell like enlarging it, printing it, and framing it! :-)

  5. I see one of my fave Saladino images in there. Beige (much like white) doesn't have to be basic and boring. I love the idea of it enveloping you in a rich array of textures and light. As so many of these rooms prove, it's not your mother's beige we're decadently surrounding ourselves with these days!

  6. Hi J Lee
    Isn't the doggie great. It was a photo from Cote de Texas's Blog. He looks so very comfortable.

  7. Hi Restyled Home
    Your master bedroom makeover looks great!

  8. Hi Crafty Weasel
    It would make a great enlarged, framed montage. You have just given me some insiration for doing this for some of my projects for displaying in my office as montages.

  9. Hi Franki
    You are ever so observant. The John Saladino is the top right photo.


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