I have been watching the HBO production of Rome Season 1 & 2. I highly recommend it. The acting, sets, costumes and cinematography are superb. It was filmed entirely on location in Rome on a 5 acre set. Rome earned 7 Emmy® nominations, including Outstanding Art Direction and Cinematography. If anyone else has watched this series I would be interested in your feedback.

This picture is Cleopatra committing suicide with the bite of a deadly venomous snake.


  1. Patricia, this is one of our absolute favorite shows. We were hooked from the first time it aired. It isn't for everyone. It shows Rome's more exotic, less refined side. But historically, the likeness of Cleopatra was likely closer to what is depicted in the show than we'd like to think...

    It is an outstanding piece of cinematic work!

  2. I LOVE ROME! it's SUCH an exciting show. There is however alot of gore and sexual content. Indira Varma is GORGEOUS!

  3. Hi Franki
    I am so glad to hear that someone else was hooked on this show. I rented the first season and couldn't get enough of it and then I did a marathon viewing of the second season. I liked that they tried to depict the city and the people like it really might have been. They also included a lot of behind the scenes historical information in the DVD set. A wonderful way to have a history lesson.

  4. Hi Gee
    I am so glad to hear from you that you also thought it was an exciting show. It was very gory and sexually explicit, but I can only imagine that was the way it was in that era...pre Christianity.
    The actors were all very well cast and esp Indira Varma.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. I have been meaning to get the dvd set...I had a late start to the first season and didn't want to watch it half way through without catching up and just haven't gotten around to it...but now, I will have to go buy season 1 & 2, maybe as a gift to myself. Great post and reminder Patricia!


  6. i am addicted to this show too! i would love to own the dvd's someday. it's so nice to connect with fellow rome-o-philes. ;o)

  7. Hi GMG
    I am so glad that you liked it also. I rented the DVDs but I would love to own the set. I think it would make a great gift to yourself.

  8. Hi SW
    That's a new one to be labelled as:
    Addicted is right. I want to watch it all over again. Although it is a marathon feat to get through all the episodes. I didn't find out until I was through most of it that you can turn on the special feature that shows factual commentaries on the screen during viewing.

  9. Patricia,
    Thanks for sharing this. I don't have HBO, so I wasn't aware of these spectacullar sets and the art direction. Looks like any fan of classicism would appreciate it!

  10. Hi Style Court
    It is available in DVD. Do watch it if you get a chance. The sets are magnificent and you get a view into the interiors of some of the finer Roman homes.


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