This is a picture that I took on the drive back from Whistler to Vancouver on the Labour Day Weekend. My dear friends, Mary and Dennis were visiting from Tennessee and the drive to Whistler is definitely on the tourist must see list. The way the sun was streaming through the big dramatic clouds was a sight of awesome beauty. I was reading the following bit of inspiration this morning and it made me think of the feelings I had when I took this picture.

"Vision is one of the most profound feelings in the whole world. To see something that is grand and makes a difference in the world, to have a dream that fills your heart, a passion that inspires your day is the mark of true genius."

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  1. That picture is just incredible. I would love to blow it up and put in on my wall:-)

  2. Hi Maryam
    I bet your skies look so different from this in Marrakesh.

  3. pvedesign23/9/07

    Surely that photo is heaven on earth, love the light!
    Thanks also for the previous post with Albert Hadley sketch. Everyone is encouraging me to start my own blog! I will keep you posted!

  4. I LOVE THAT picture !! gorgeous .

  5. Oh I am so jealous! I love British Columbia - especially Vancouver Island.
    My husband goes fly-fishing every year way up north and I met him in Vancouver one year. We then took the ferry to Victoria, spent a few days there and then took a chopper back to Vancouver (the planes weren't flying because of the weather).
    I just love it there and we have even considered moving there one day. Thank you for the beautiful photo!

  6. i just found your blog via cote de texas. i'll be back!

  7. Hi Design DNA
    Thanks for the visit and look forward to seeing more of you.


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