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As a follow-up to the post I did yesterday, this is a picture of my desk with my inspiration samples for a design scheme I am putting together for a Living Room, Dining Room and Powder Room. The Fornasetti (Riflesso) wallpaper bottom right and bottom left Fornasetti (Tema) are the starting points for my inspiration. Adjoing walls to the Tema will be papered Phillip Jefferies Manila Hemp color Elephant.

The ceiling of the Powder Room using Riflesso will be papered in Phillip Jefferies Silver Leaf paper. I like to treat ceilings in a special way. They are one of the most neglected areas and in a room like a Powder Room treating the ceiling suface can have a big impact. Paint Colors are Farrow and Ball Dauphin & Fawn, both colors are rich, complex shades of taupe. Living Room draperies are Silk in a beautiful Champagne color. The upholstery will be in Cream colored Wool and Cappuccino colored Wool Mohair.


  1. Beautiful images! How is it you office looks so incredibly neat? :) I had heard you won those lamps very nice. The teacup next to your computer.... very pretty.

  2. Anonymous2/2/08

    From what I have seen of your home, it is so thoughtfully pulled together -- I love what you've shown us so far and hope you will continue to give us glimpses of your own abode, where your heart is!

  3. Anonymous2/2/08

    Oh, and please show us this finished project -- the elements shown are just stunning together ~ especially like the leafed ceiling!

  4. Hi Patricia
    Are you papering or painting the powder room? I love the palette you've chosen, rich yet understated. I was just curious which rooms get the papers.
    Lovely stuff.

  5. Anonymous2/2/08

    The above post was mine but my seven year old was signed into his blog account (the kid) in case that seemed like an odd question from a child into legos.

  6. Anonymous2/2/08

    Hi again
    Is there a reason you wouldn't just silver leaf the ceiling as opposed to papering? Is papering just much easier, more or less expensive? I had seen sites showing how to gild ceilings (and selling the products)

  7. Hi Sara
    Silver Leaf wallpaper is just another alternative to hand leafing.

  8. Hi Louise
    Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you like the leafed ceiling.

  9. Hi Cemaya
    My office goes from utter chaos to neat and orderly...depending where my mind is. The creative process does not alway follow a neat path. The cup and saucer is Hermes and I bought it for myself for a Xmas present.

  10. Anonymous2/2/08

    Hi Patricia,
    Gorgeous! Yes, please do tell where the Fornasetti paper is going. Is it a paper paper or vinyl?

  11. Hi Lisa
    the Fornasetti Tema is going in a stair landing and the Riflesso is going in the Powder Room.

  12. OOOoooo, what fun to be working on this project! And your desk is perfect. Mine is never so beautiful.

  13. Your desk is Fab Patricia! I love Fornasetti and silver leaf too!

  14. Your desk looks fabulous . I love this yellow flowers ( I don't know the name in english) You know my passion for fornasetti , can't with the end of this surrealist work

  15. Hi Patricia,

    Your project looks divine and I am envious of your chair in your office!:)

  16. Patricia,

    Would love to see pictures of this project once it is finished, as usual I love your style.



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