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Lately my heart and inspiration has been in Morocco. Although I have never been there, I have been close twice: The Canary Islands in April of this year & Madeira several moons ago. Recently I have developed a blogging friendship and kinship with Maryam who writes a Blog called Moraccan Maryam. Here are some images that by looking at them have me there in a second.

I love the softness of the sand in this photo by Alan Keohane, the color and texture of it and the play of shadows.

Enter through these doors.....to a wonderful oasis within.

This bed needs to be softened up. Imagine this: take away the zebra pillows, replace with some Suzani Pillows like the one below and billowy white gauze draperies floating at the windows and a big bouquet of pink bougainvillea in a vase on the night stand. Oh and add to that picture a slowly turning ceiling fan (Casablanca style).

I see wonderful Moorish style windows to look out.

And a David Hicks Moroccan influenced bed canopy & a cool tiled floor underfoot.

Beside the bed on the cool tile a carpet placed at slight angle.

Add in the adjoining bathroom which is all white tile and cool Calcutta Marble some Moroccan wallpaper.

The adjoining sitting room would have a comfortable mix of furnishings, good books to read, and sunshine streaming in through the windows.

Moroccan influence in coffee table and side table

Dinner is served on the outdoor patio after the sun has set. Lanterns are lit.....

Top image owned by Alan Keohane. May not be reproduced in any form without Keohane's written permission. His portfolio can be seen at http://www.alankeohane.com/.
Marrakech Bed
Delia Shades
Phyllis Morris Marrakech Gate Fabric & carpet
Second to last picture: Elle Decor Aug 2007 Laird Residence by Jeffery Bilhuber


  1. It's all so beautiful....You have created such a wonderful Moroccan oasis! I can't wait until you come and visit and I can offer you some of that in real life.

  2. Anonymous16/8/07

    Already roaming in Morocco through each images! 1st and the last images(Alan Keohane) are utter bliss!

  3. Lovely images to look at...great post!

  4. wow! loved the samples of design you have posted below

  5. Your post has given me inspiration . I wanted to write a post about it . Morocco or north Africa have always inspired me as it is one part of my culture.

  6. Hi Maryam
    I hope I did justice to your little bit of heaven with these images. I would love to visit you and see you wonderful guest house when it is finished!

  7. Hi Design Flute
    I totally agree with you..Alan Keohane's images are truly transporting.

  8. Hi Sarah
    Glad you liked the images.

  9. Hi Gulnaz
    Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Hi Melanie
    I would love to see your post on this area. Maybe you will be able to visit one day as I would like to.

  11. thank you for transporting us as well! Maryam does have that effect on us, doesn't she? Thank you for offering us all a welcome breath of Marrakesh in the middle of our work week. ;)

  12. Anonymous16/8/07

    Thank you for my "Morocco" fix. Lovely! I love Moroccan design, and am a regular visitor to Meryam's site.

  13. Beautiful photographs. I would love to go to North Africa someday.

  14. I'm amazed (and a bit overwhelmed!) by the beauty and richness of this blog. You offer such a splendid array of links and resources, not to mention your great posts. All I can say is, "Thank you!!"

  15. There is just something about Moroccan design, it influences so much in the way of decor...and you captured great examples of this Patricia!


  16. Such an inspirational post Patricia! I love Maryam's blog too and am glad she's back. You found some great images here. I especially like the bed and your ideas for it sound dreamy!

  17. Thank-you all for your comments, compliments and inspirations.
    It is much appreciated.

  18. I can't add anything b/c the others have said it for me! You did make me feel like I was in Morocco as I read your post :)

  19. Very nice images & great post.
    Thanks for sharing:-)


  20. Beautiful post! i especially loved the last pic of the lamps & that godawesome bed! thanx!

  21. I too dream of morroco without having been there. The color, shapes, the use of time, of light, of water are like nowhere else in the world. I'm big on cooking morrocan food and when I go to France I stock up on spices to make tagines and couscous. Wonderful stuff!

  22. oh how inviting.
    lovely pictures. lovely words.

  23. Hi Arch & Venetta from INDIA
    Thanks for your comments!

  24. Hi Corine
    Lucky you having been to Morocco.
    I would love to have a meal at your place. Thanks for dropping by.

  25. Hi Jessica
    I see that you have a Blog on raw food. I will check you out as I have a new client that is totally on a raw food diet and I have to design their new kitchen. Thanks for your comment and dropping by.

  26. Great post Patricia. I've been longing to visit Morocco for a while now too. THanks for giving us all a small fix until we can all experience the real thing!

  27. Adore the David Hicks bed!

  28. Hi Style Court
    the David Hicks bed is my of my favs. I have had that picture for a long time and had funny enough never linked it up to Moorish style.

  29. I have always had a fondness with Morrocan motifs. The examples you chose are beautiful. I love the way the stronger elements of Morroccan design influence many other styles. They can be used in a baroque setting or a starkly contemporary one with equal ease. Classic never goes out of style.

  30. Hi Jackie
    How very observant of you. I had never thought of it in quite that way. Thanks for your comment.

  31. Hey,

    I love Alan Keohane's desert photo. Desert in istelf is SO captivating!


  32. Hi Luke
    Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. Alan's photography is very special.

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  35. Anonymous1/5/08

    Hi there,

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  36. Anonymous15/6/08

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