Follow-up on Gambier

In my last post I talked about my Island property that I purchased 1 1/2 years ago and have not been to since. So on Sunday I set sail with friends and got to see my little bit heaven from the water.

Leaving Vancouver Harbour and setting sail for my Island .

Approaching Gambier and locating my property from the water...

There it is behind me. I am so excited to be able to see it from this angle. It is a totally different perspective than approaching it via land. There is the creek bed that leads into a small protected cove, where I plan to have a dock.
This is my waterfront and the property goes up to the top and (maybe) over the mountain.
A close up view of the creekbed, it needs to have a few fallen trees cleaned out of it and it looks like there is a nice flat spot up on the top of that rock cliff which would be perfect for a gazebo for seal watching. I think I am seeing a couple of fruit trees?? If so I have no idea how they got there.
This is a view directly across at the mountain range. The peak with some snow still left on it is a famous Vancouver landmark called The Lions Heads. The highway to Whistler runs along
the lower section of this mountain range.
My neighbours on Gambier coming to greet us.
The end of the day and we are returning to the marina and passing under the Lions Gate Bridge. It was a perfect day!!


  1. Wow! What beautiful land with such gorgeous views!!! Lucky you!

  2. Hi Peak
    Thanks. It has been a dream in the making for many years now.

  3. Gorgeous Patricia!
    It looks so peaceful and scenic.


  4. Oh, how absolutely beautiful Patricia!!


  5. Anonymous7/8/07

    Just wonderful!! Now, that's dreaming, but with a real life ending, best of both worlds, I'd say. It was great to have the tour. Every angle, every view is magical, that's the word that popped up for me!

  6. Patricia, its beautiful! I think you've made us all very jealous now! I'm looking forward to future photos when you get around to building.

  7. Hi J Lee
    Thanks....it is very peaceful there and it will by my balance for living downtown in a big noisy city.

  8. Hi Girl Meets Glamour

  9. Hi Susan
    I like that word magical...Maybe my home there should be called the "Magical... (something)??
    Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Hi Suzy
    I can hardly wait to start building, but it will be a process as everything needs to be barged in and there are no services...none...zip...wilderness.And I am a girly girl who has never camped out in her life. Go figure.

  11. It looks wonderful and peaceful . Just like the place I would love to live . Even if I love my south of France.
    Your neighbours look very nice.

  12. It’s just stunning and so serene. I can't wait to see what you do with such a lovely piece of land. I'm certain that it will be beautiful!

  13. The views are breathtaking, Patricia. What a great little get-away place it will be!

  14. Have you given the land a name yet? If not, you must!

  15. Hi Melanie
    Thanks for your comment....I also think you have a wonderful place to live - in your "South of France".

  16. Hi All the Best
    Whatever I do to the land I plan to keep it in character with the setting. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

  17. Hi Annechovie
    I will have to get you to do a rendering of my house when I have figured out what I want to do.

  18. Hi Liberty Post
    What a great idea. If anyone has any suggestions for names, please let me know. Right now all I call it is Gambier, which is not too terribly original. I will put some thought into it.


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