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Don't you love this photo. It reminds me of childhood summers, bu we didn't have cool furniture like this. These pieces are works of art and very whimsical. They are from Richard Schultz. On their web-site they have a video of the design behind the creation of this collection called "Topiary - A Garden of Luxuriant Creativity". They would also be great indoors. Maybe the love seat version in an Entry Foyer.

I want to have a stack of books on that table and sit and read for hours.... from Janus et Cie.
I would put these at the cottage.

Makes me want to be sipping a Peach Bellini. Also the perfect chair for cuddling up in.Dedon

Also from Dedon
I saw this "stack" recently at a trade show and was in awe of it. You know how ugly that patio furniture looks in the winter with all the vinyl covers. Well with this design in the winter you look out onto sculpture. Also if you have a small space they store compactly.

This chair is in the movie Oceans 13 in the lounge. I think it is clever use of the term Indoor/Outdoor furniture. Lulu Easy Armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue
Love the nautical feel of this chair compete with sun shade. Janus et Cie

This chair is remarkably cute....from

This chair is what I call CC (cheap & chic). They aren't recommend for outdoor use, but I would use them in a covered area. I used to have a set of these same chairs in tortoise finish in my office boardroom sitting on top of a Persian carpet, around a glass conference table, and they looked fantastic. Somewhere along the way a client had to have them and I didn't know where to get more of them until seeing them at Ballard Designs. But now I am liking the black. I think they would look great on a patio with white cushions, white umbrella and a Parisian style sidewalk table with a black wrought iron base and a carrara marble top.


  1. Patricia these are all fab, and you're inspiring me to do something with my courtyard, tiny as it may be.

  2. I love the top photo-those benches are stunning!

  3. Oh, Dedon. I am a longtime fan of their organic/mod collections. Makes me want to go visit a villa on a Greek isle for a few weeks!

    You've chosen the perfect inspiration for this hot, late summer day...

  4. the first two images just captured me completely! stunning!


  5. I would love to be in one of those adirondack chairs with a glass of lemonade (or maybe a glass of wine) and a good book! The chair by the water is nice too!

  6. Hi Suzy
    Tiny courtyards can be very chic!
    Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Sophie
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Franki
    I'm all with you on visiting that Greek Isle. that's the stuff that dreams are made of.

    Hi J Lee
    I am glad that you got inspiration from these pictures.

    Hi All the Best
    I'd love to join you on that chair for a nice glass of wine and a chat.

  7. It is so good to feel like it is summer !!!I love garden design
    Great post.
    Mélanie xxx

  8. I love the oceans 13 chair! it's very simple but makes sense. It looks like a daddy long leg!

  9. Hi Melanie and Gee
    Thanks so much for your comments.

  10. That chair that was in Oceans 13 is seriously so very beautiful. I love that.

    And that furniture that turns into sculpture for storage is brilliant!

  11. Hi Maryam
    I like the fact that furniture can be used in different ways than it was originally intended. For instance the Oceans 13 chair was designed for outdoor use and in the movie they have used it indoors and furniture that can turn into sculpture when it is not being used is a great design concept. We need more of this thinking outside the box.

  12. hi Patricia!
    That Oceans 13 chair is actually the Lulu Easy Armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue. :)


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