Happy Weekend

I love the roll up garage style door. I want a project to design that I can incorporate a door like this.

Photo Eric Piasecki Photography


  1. they have a lot of projects like this in montreal and i'm finding a lot more in toronto's core :)

    what a gorgeous photo. have a great weekend patricia!

  2. Hi Patricia! I did a restarant project with garage doors like this! We also have one in our break room at our offices. They are fantastic.

  3. ADORE the window treatment (especially at the top)! Also, the covers over the white chairs. And who could complain about that pool? ;~)
    Thank for sharing.

  4. I've seen this several times in California - what a great concept.


  5. I would love one of these doors opening up onto the beach. That would be something.

  6. Anonymous3/2/08

    I love the composition of this room, the outside is almost like a painting, or theatre stage in. The big opening is delightful! Not quite sure about the garage style door though.... but it might grow on me ;-)

  7. I love the sliding doors in modern homes.
    Your post is great! Love that roll up door, is it remote?

  8. Love it, too...as well as the view beyond!

  9. I love this look! I will have to add this to my list of things I would love to have when we finally decide pack up and move to Napa.

  10. Hi Patricia,

    Loved your Yellow Forsythia branches the other day.

    Tha garage roll up is so cool. Its like now you seeit (wall) now you dont (no wall). That pool and yard is awesome.

    Also wanted to mention you have really cute dimples. In ancient astrology they believed dimples are a indicator of venus and thus artistic asthetic talents :)

    the crafty cameleon

  11. me too! in my container house!

  12. Garage doors are so cool to open up to outdoor living space. I'd love to have one of these too if I lived in warm weather :)

  13. Anonymous5/2/08

    What a beautiful photo. I love this photographer's work.

  14. the bed in the corner is fab-u-lous in that studio! i even love the colors.


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