Clever Design - Device Holder

I found this wonderful holder at an on-line store called A Plus Store. What a clever design. If you are anything like me you have all kinds of things that need to be charged. I have been waiting for someone to come up with a universal charger (if anyone knows of one, please let me know). Everytime I buy a new gadget I get a new charger and I am running out of places to keep them all plugged in. So far the chargers I have are: blackberry, bluetooth headset, IPod, 2 cameras, laptop, recorder. Last week I lost the cord for the charger for my cell phone in the paper shredder because it was plugged in above it and of course the cord dangles down. This holder would have avoided that. And what a stylish way to store your devices. It is designed by Germans, of course, and the price is reasonable - $15.00. I think it looks very chic, a lot nicer than all those dangling cords. It is very simply a flat piece of white plastic, flocked on the inside--in black, red or pink--forms a "tray" that cradles your device. I have put my order in for the black one. Now for a universal charger so I can charge everything with one holder!!!!!!

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