Black & White Summer Chic

Buddha Fountain

Essex Fountain
Alfresco Pavillion
Alfresco Umbrella with Elephant Stand
Pineapple Beverage Dispenser
All these items are very chic and very affordable from Z Gallerie
Supplying you with even more inspiration for your outdoor summer rooms -I would fill the Pineapple Beverage Dispenser with pineapple juice spiked with some Barcardi Rum - Yum Happy Summer
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  1. z gallerie has stepped up their game. i love that you can find affordable, but current design elements. and i'll be at that summer soiree with my empty glass extended under that pineapple spigot!

  2. Thank you for the add, and wow what beautiful work you have! So nice to see another designer's blog, there are hardly any out there. I have always wanted to visit Vancouver - but you know how work goes!
    Keep in touch.


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