A Mid Summer Night's Dream

At this time of year my body and mind wants to be outside enjoying every minute of nice weather we have. I love to create outdoor spaces that are an extension of our indoor space. For people living in apartments and townhouses with decks, creating an attractive outdoor space can serve many functions. It can give you an extra room for entertaining, lounging, working and sleeping (ahh afternoon naps on those warm summer days). If it is properly lit and heated for those chilly evenings it can be an wonderful spot for those BBQ's and lingering guests.There are many new and innovative products on the market for outdoor spaces. Here A few that I have been enchanted with:

http://www.unicahome.com/p31957/gandia-blasco/the-mdulo-series-pergola-by-gandia-blasco.html This pergola's elegant, sleek and sophisticated design is quite a stunning addition to any setting. On the patio, in the back yard or poolside, the módulo provides stylish seclusion and soothing shade.


A wonderful fresh black & white curtained balcony I hope you enjoy every minute of your time outdoors this summer......

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