10 Top Four Poster Canopy Beds

A canopy bed is a decorative bed similar to a four poster bed but with a top to it. A typical canopy bed usually features posts at each of the four corners extending four feet high or more above the mattress. Ornate or decorative fabric is often draped across the upper space between the posts of the bed and a solid swath of cloth may create a ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed. The modern version of the four poster canopy bed is often left undraped. Canopy four poster beds make a dramatic design statement for the Bedroom.

The canopy four poster bed came into existence more from practical purposes than that of extravagance or decadence. The the earliest incarnations were probably beds of common people seeking an additional layer of shelter and warmth beyond that of a less-than-impenetrable thatched roof. Canopy beds with curtains that could completely enclose the bed were used by lords and noblemen in medieval Europe for warmth and privacy, as their attendants often slept in the same room. Please take the poll in the right hand column and let us know which is your favourite Four Poster Canopy Bed.

1. Top Picture - An antique four poster canopy bed by Stephen Sills Associates.

Four Poster Canopy Bed

2. Viceroy Mayakoba features this distinctive four poster canopy bed with a canopy of woven reed textile.

Four Poster Canopy Bed Four Poster Canopy Bed Anthropologie

3. 'Loire' Four Poster Canopy Bed by Niermann Weeks One hundred years ago you would find
four poster canopy beds like this in colonial hotels and residences in the four corners of the world.
The distinctive "bell or square top" was originally conceived for attachment of mosquito netting. 

Four Poster Canopy Bed bodie and fou

4. Bodie and Frau Four Poster Canopy Bed is Perfect for draping or leaving open & fresh.

Four Poster Canopy Bed

5. 'Turner' Four Poster Canopy Bed in Natural Cherry by Restoration Hardware.

Four Poster Canopy Bed Oly

6. 'Willa' Four Poster Canopy Bed Oly Studio.

Four Poster Canopy Bed Dedon  
7. One of my favourites is the ultimate 'Daydream' Four Poster Canopy Bed from Dedon.
It is designed for outdoor use, but I think that it could make the transition to indoors quite nicely.

Four Poster Canopy Bed

8. 'Valois' Four Poster Canopy Bed from Niermann Weeks in Venetian silver leaf with antiqued mirrored panels.

Four Poster Canopy Bed Christies Images

9. A Huanghuali Six-Poster Canopy Bed with Latticework Railings, Jiazichuang.
17th Century
Christies Images Corbus

Four Poster Canopy Bed Niermann Weeks

10. 'Arezzo' Four Poster Canopy Bed Richelieu Mahogany by Niermann Weeks.

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  1. I voted for #8. It really spoke to my Asian background. I'm drawn to all of the Asian influence. Though it may not be that restful to sleep in, but I guess I could get used to it!

  2. The Bodie and Frau (#4) twin beds are my favorites :)

    Thanks for the round up...yes, the Dedon bed is amazing...

  3. The Dedon is my favourite too, I am sure I was not influenced by your choice, because it is the one that right away appealed to me most. I can see it in Sardinia, Sicily, any island's beach house.

  4. Love this post. Can I vote twice? Modern Me likes the Viceroy, Traditional Me likes the Loire. I voted for the Viceroy though...

  5. 3 & 8 for me !!

    happy bunny day !

  6. #1 and #3, but if I have to choose one then #3.
    It is simple, clean and elegant.


  7. love the post and love the explaining of the diff between a four poster & a canopy- most people are confused on that one.

    though i love the loire, my answer has to be: none of the above! so can i add one?

    happy holiday!

  8. Loire' Four Poster Canopy Bed by Niermann Weeks is my favourite.

    Somewhere I read you are preparing chocolate dipped strawberries for your easter dinner yum! yum!. Echo and I were talking about them the other day. We tried to make them but we were not succesful. (lol) We tried to cheat with the microwave - they tasted ok but they didn't look or taste like yours did.

    I want to take advantage of this comment and wish you...

    Happy Easter !!!

  9. My hands down favorite is the Viceroy. Understated elegance!

    (okay I like #1 and #7 too. All for different reasons)

    Chocolate covered strawberries? Yummy.

  10. Anonymous11/4/09

    What a great Poll to have. My fav four poster canopy bed is the Dedon Daydream.

  11. Hi Ivan
    The trick to melting the chocolate in the MV is not to overheat it or else it separates and curdles. Also the strawberries must be very dry for the chocolate to stick. Belgium Chocolate is the best.
    I made 2 huge trays for tonight’s family dinner and they disappeared into thin air.
    Happy Easter to you!!

  12. Hi Maison 21
    I definitely like that Ralph Lauren Cube Canopy Bed...good pick.

  13. Voted for 7. I liked them all but maybe the idea of "daydreaming" under the sun with such a view made me choose it :)

  14. Love the Stephen Sills Antique bed, magical bed to nap on. They have such a fabulous house!
    Happy Easter!

  15. I think it's got to be the Huanghuali Six-Poster Canopy Bed although they are all very beddable. I have a horrible feeling my choice is the most expensive. What's new?!

  16. Anonymous12/4/09


    Voted for the Antique bed. Not only for the bed, but also for the beautiful setting (including the cotto floor!). So balanced, tranquil. Buona notte! Ingrid in Umbria

  17. I love the antique bed too! (but I would of course)

    Thanks for doing this poll. It is fun to see what everyone thinks.

    Tricia - Avolli

  18. Fun post Patricia!
    For me it was simplicity and clean lines of the Turner bed. But I was also drawn to the Viceroy. Tough decision in the end! One of your commenters mentioned voting twice... I think I'm going to head back and do that! :-)
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  19. The Valois is my favourite by far. How I would love to "dress" that one out!

  20. I used to secretly hate four poster beds until i read this post. I love the twin beds, especially. If you put those two in a guest bedroom, that's all you'd need and it would be the coolest room in the house.

  21. So many beauties!!! I loved a few but ended up going with the Turner from Restoration Hardware (which is so funny because I had just used it in a post I did today!!)

  22. Turner and Daydream are my favourites. Turner because of the clean, simple lines. Daydream because what could be better than relaxing on a comfy bed outdoors next to the water!! :-)


  23. I like this post. It is pretty hard to choose but I would say the 2nd one is my favorite

  24. I kid you not....I coincidentally "posted" about my own four poster...which happens to be the #6....but I did not get it from Oly....I practically stole it from a second hand shop! But had I to do it all over again...I would go for #1 or #4. I do so love the RL bed that M21 mentioned too!

  25. my favorite is of course the first one! but also the loire - but isn't that really from anthropologie. i'm getting that for lizzy's remodeling!!!!

  26. I love the Loire...once I went to a party, and the hostess confided in me that she had been waiting for 5 months for her new bed, and it was finally in...I went to look, and there was a beautiful NW Loire bed freshly made with sferra linens. It was beautiful!

  27. Anonymous14/4/09

    MY FAV. No.3 'Loire' Four Poster Canopy Bed and the headboard of that bed is STUNNING!
    Wish we had room for a canopy bed but our cottage/farmhouse is just too small.

  28. I find No. 8 dreamy (no pun intended) -- but maybe it's because I do antique mirrors and leafing that I'm drawn to it. Is it wrong to also love the square ceiling on the very first pic? :) Great post!

  29. I'm gonna have to jump on the "Loire" wagon . . . lol.

    though, I think I might like it best without textile treatments on it . . . hmmmmmmm. (oh my god, did I actually say that I would remove textiles. *checks for fever*)

  30. I just love the canopy beds for the beach or pool, they are really stunning. I remember when I was young my mother had a 4 poster bed and it was very classical

  31. I really like the first one but I love the 3rd and it's in my favorites file.

  32. Great examples of some beautiful canopy beds. Someone once told me that canopy beds are only for women, but I could imagine men loving some of these. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Julia16/4/09

    They are all beautiful examples of four poster canopy beds. My pick is #10

  34. Anonymous16/4/09

    My vote:
    4. Bodie and Frau Four Poster Canopy Bed

  35. On the list my favorite is the one from Dedon as it is the most unusual. For a more traditional design, I prefer the offerenings of Ironies which was not available in your selections.

  36. I love #1 and #2. This is a great post and I would like to include a link in an upcoming post on my blog. Is that okay with you?

    cristin @ simplified bee

  37. The fifth bed look beautiful, very nice design


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