8 Top Ceiling Treatments

Top Ceiling Treatments

Ceilings left untreated are one of my pet peeves. Walls and floors get all the attention. Why are ceilings neglected, when they are one of the largest surfaces in a room and are a perfect opportunity for adding an extra dimension to the room.
1. Faux Finish Ceiling Treatment - Add interest to your ceiling treatment by painting on a pattern or a Faux Finish.
Ceiling Treatment ceiling medallin
2. Medallion Ceiling Treatment - A ceiling medallion treatment is usually in the form of an ornate rosette. Most are round, but for something unique they are also available square or oval. It can be an interesting feature to add to a contemporary setting.
 Ceiling Treatment Design Inc Ceiling Treatment Ginger Barber House Beautiful
3. Tudor Style Ceiling Treatment - This ceiling treatment can look equally good in a modern setting or a traditional setting.
Ceiling Treatment Parlor Steakhouse in NYC
4. Honeycomb Ceiling Treatment - A contrasting honeycomb pattern adds drama and focus to this ceiling treatment.
Ceiling Treatments Budapest www suto hu
5. Contemporary Dropped Ceiling Treatment - This home from Budapest uses a contemporary ceiling treatment by varying heights & geometric patterns. Notice the square recessed pot lights.
 Ceiling Treatments Jenna Lyons Domino
6. Painted Ceiling Treatment - Painted stripes on this ceiling treatment. This is fun and creates visual interest on the ceiling.

Ceiling Treatments  
ceiling treatments Ceiling Treatments
7.  Coffered Ceiling Treatment - Coffered ceiling treatments are an great way to add architectural focus to your ceiling.
Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatmemt
8. Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatment - See Architectural Depot for some great Tin Ceiling Tiles
Photo credits:
1. Stephen Sills 2. unknown 3. Design Inc / House Beautiful Ginger Barber
4. Parlor Steakhouse NYC 5.
www.suto.hu 6. Domino Jenna Lyons
7. Unknown top, Windsor Smith bottom two photos 8. House Beautiful

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  1. Anonymous1/4/09

    Patricia your post inspired me to get with my ceilings done! Love the cieling in the 8th pictures.

  2. JaDIE for the honeycomb!

  3. wow - you have some amazing photos!

  4. Patricia, I,too, am a fan of ceilings. Wonderful blog!

  5. I love your take on giving ceilings the extra treatments, I do many different Venetian Plaster Finishes on ceilings and always enjoy working on them.Gliding or gold leafing is also a amazing finish. Thanks for more inspiration

  6. I totally agree with you, ceilings are often neglected or painted a plain white, when just a few drops of wall colour will make them look better.
    Medallions in a classic or contemporary Decor will always be great, but they need high European style ceilings, from the parquet in the beautiful picture I can tell it is not North America.
    I really like the Tin tiles in the kitchen.

  7. Ceilings are a very important feature of a room! Love the ones you featured!

  8. I am a big fan of architectural details - Thank you so much for putting together such an exquisite gallery!

  9. I have noticed in your work, your attention to ceilings Patricia; especially after rendering your blue bedroom project.

    Hey, you now have over 1000 subscribers...nice!

    No wonder...this is a great post!

  10. I like them all but Absolutely love #5.

  11. what a great post.

    cieling treatments can be dynamic, and these certainly are !!

    i have never seen a dropped cieling treatment like the budapest pic.
    really interesting, i like it.


  12. Super post and I agree about ceiling treatment. Love the tin tiles!

  13. Great post, Patricia! My parents live in an old Tudor in Dallas and the living room has a similar ceiling treatment. I have always loved it. I also think the stripes in the child's room are so much fun and add a modern twist!

  14. ...and this is the reason why YOU are the expert interior designer. I didn't know ceiling treatment could run such a gamut!!

    I'm Ms Modern, so I love the contemporary dropped ceiling in the Budapest apartment.

  15. I love the medallion ceiling treatment.

  16. Thanks for your visit and compliment! I appreciate it coming from you, a mentor to the rest of the blogging world! I have been so discouraged with the whole blog list link thing that your words lifted my spirits!

  17. Cathleen2/4/09

    Love the ceiling treatments, why do we over look the ceilings!


  18. Hi Patricia,

    cielings and floors are often the most important parts of a room for the final overlooking touch in the decoration.....so I do agree.

    I might e-mail you a photo of a handpainted piece of art, a cieling from mid 1700, that was being under restoration while I was working with the textiles in the same room. It was tricky choosing fabrics...

    All the best to you,

  19. I'm with you on this one, Patricia! I acutally learned this lesson years ago (I was about 14 I think) when my Mom wanted to wallpaper the ceiling in the kitchen... she was sooo right because it looked fantastic! In our current home I've painted the ceiling in our bedroom a tan colour and installed a medalion for the chandalier - and in the dining room we've added coffered-look mouldings to add architectural interest.
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  20. I agree completely, too many people neglect their ceilings. Of course, not everyone has the skill or the desire to do something involved or ornate with their ceilings. But it's easy enough to roll on a couple of coats of paint in a beautiful colour to really bring a ceiling to life :-)

    I can't decide which ceiling treatment I like best. It's a toss-up between the Tudor, contemporary, and coffered ceilings. I really like the medallion too :-)


  21. What a great post! All of these treatments add such drama and interest to all of these rooms. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Anonymous6/4/09

    I like the take on doing something special for ceiling treatments. I did not see anything about venetian plaster do you ever use them on any of your projects?


  23. Couldn't agree with you more! We have done decorative plaster (venetian plaster) finishes on ceilings in rooms even where we didn't do the walls, and even when the client's budget or inclination didn't stretch to doing the ceiling -- we would do something special (color, texture) to tie it in. Norine (the moltobene wife)

  24. Wow - I really love this post! The nursery with the painted ceiling and black wall and the last photo of the kitchen and dining room are dynamite!

    Karen O.

  25. I think you've given me my next inspiration for a home project...Coffered Ceiling Treatment. Lets see if my husband is up for it :) ~Great post~

  26. YES I fully agree! Ceilings are often 'the forgotten one' :)

    Particuarly like the Tudor Style due to its simple intricacy. (HGTV (Canada) Sarah Rirchardson recently did one for a Makeover Master Bedroom. The finished product was amazing.)

  27. I love when someone posts about something that I usually do not notice (for some reason, I don't tend to notice hardware like doorknobs, and I don't tend to notice ceilings). Lovely post!

    Coincidentally, I was just looking at the copy of HB that has the last image in it. The designer is Jacqueline Derrey Segura. The master bathroom in that house is my absolute favorite bathroom, and when I build or remodel I am showing the architect/designer the picture of the bathroom and asking them to replicate it!

  28. Love pressed tin ceilings. Old Chicago bungalos have a ton of them. You've captured the beauty of faux finishing on ceilings. Thank you.

  29. Anonymous3/5/09

    the ceilings are fabulous, they give such depth! Any way to find the maker of the table in the kitchen photo 8

  30. what a great topic, and you are right on the money.

    i also have used an embossed wall covering that you can paint and pick up at lowes or home depot.

    if you have a smooth ceiling it is an inexpensive fix.

    i love all the images.

  31. Patricia,
    You know I started looking at ceilings a little while ago as I was considering doing something to a vaulted ceiling in our master bedroom. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for giving some excellent examples here.
    It's a rainy 4th here in Lexington so I am enjoying catching up with my favorite bloggy friends.
    Have a good weekend.

  32. john7/7/09

    Hi Patricia, I like your blog. I've been designing in restuarants for a decade and I always work on the ceilings. My first one had 33 colors in a 24 foot diameter sun goddess and in a middle eastern restaurant I pierced a ceiling vault with 374 tea glasses. You can see them on my site alyricspace.com . I'm not sure if leaving websites addresses is allowed. forgive me if it isn't this is my first response to a blogger. Keep up the interesting posts Patricia. Thanks, John

  33. I love all your ideas! I have one particular old plaster ceiling in my bedroom that has even me stumped. It is low enough for me to reach with my fingertips and shows it's age with an unevenness and a few cracks. (House is 200+ years old) What would you do to downplay the height and maybe make it a feature.

  34. I love the tudor-style ceiling in picture 3, and want to replicate it in my home, but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions of resources? I don't even know what the medium is. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!!

  35. Amazing is all I can say,this are fabulous design very elegant
    and fantastic.Nothing to express but a complement,I'm sure you expense a lot of money just to have
    expense lots of money just to have that great ceiling interior.

  36. I love it when interior designers pay attention to ceilings! Not only does it finish the room, but it also makes the whole room more interesting for the eye. Finished ceilings pull the eye to the whole room, instead of just letting the eye get stuck on one piece, and make the viewer more comfortable.


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