Six Things About About Me


I have been tagged by the marvelous Maria.... soooo the rules of the game are to divulge 6 facts/habits and trivia about myself.....
and try not to embarrass myself in the process.
So here goes:
1. My favourite color is yellow and always has been ever since I can remember.
2. I like cotton candy and ballerina flats. I prefer wearing ballerina flats to heels.
3. I I love the Ocean and always thought I couldn't live away from it, that is until I visited Palm Springs.
4. I always carry my passport and 50 Euros in my change purse. That way I'm sure I'm going back.
5. I love dogs - all dogs and especially mine. She is a 4 1/2 pound Yorkshire Terrier named Nicole.
6. I love ironing. Yes strange as it seems I find it relaxing.

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Let the 6th person wander blindly in the wilderness for 40 years, then tell them they have been tagged.

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  1. Great 6 things. I too love cotton candy, ballerina flats ( I wore them on my wedding day) and the color yellow!


  2. Tory Burch flats no doubt! Nicole is the cuttest! Are you really sure you live away from the ocean? Your last post on PS almost convinced me as well! :)

    You forgot #7...you are the epitome of class!

  3. Patricia...thanks for sharing a bit of YOU with us! I always love ballerina flats...on others!

  4. I have seen your Chanel ballerina flats (one of many pairs I'm sure) and they are beautiful! Yellow is my favourite colour too!

  5. I have childhood memories of a cotton-candy pink tongue :-) Now, I steer clear of it because sugar and I don't get along!! While I'm not crazy about ironing I can certainly understand why you love it - for me it's the smell of freshly pressed sheets!! As for living away from the ocean... I've done it and will likely do it again, but not happily...
    Victoria from EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  6. can I send you my ironing by DHL ;-)send me your dog by the same box ,to walk him out ,

  7. It is so nice getting to know you a little better, Patricia.
    I am a dog person as well. Bebe and Frasier have brought so much love into our family's life. I would love another one, but I do believe three children and two dogs is my limit!


  8. Cote de Texas15/3/09

    I loved your things about yourself. You like dogs - small ones like Nicole! of course!!!! haha!!! Her name just cracks me up. Such a grown up name for a little pip squeak.

  9. Hi I'm so Honored to be targeted . I'm going Baghdad in iraq today , I'm a little stress out , so I will do those 5 things when I will be back ... I promise !

  10. I love getting to know my blogger friends better. Nice little tidbits about a fascinating lady! PS I prefer ballerina flats as well!

  11. Thanks for sharing your six things. Actually, you shared seven!! :-)

    I'm a dog-lover too :-) And definitely prefer flat shoes over heels!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  12. I love yellow too Patricia. Nice to learn a little more about you.
    I heard that it was your birthday - well, Have a very happy birthday and best wishes as you celebrate and for the year ahead. Hayley

  13. I am working on my 6 things - I will post them soon (lol)

  14. Qerat19/3/09

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for tagging me this is fun :)

    As you know I was in Syria and I was so excited to discover that you tagged me but thinking about what to write. I know, I know it should be spontaneous.
    Will do it today or tomorrow.
    I really want to see what the others said too :)

    All my best

  15. Anonymous19/3/09

    You are so fun and talented! Keep up the good work.


  16. Thanks for your lovely emails and comments on this post.
    You are all amazing.


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