Miele Limited Edition Chocolate Laundry

A few weeks ago a package arrived in the mail, and to my surprise when I opened it, there was a box of chocolates in shiny brown wrapping tied with a red satin ribbon accompanied by this photo of the new Miele Limited Edition Chocolate Laundry. Miele Chocolate Laundry This new "Limited Edition" Chocolate Laundry claims a patented honeycomb drum, which is engineered not only to clean clothes better, but also to make clothes last longer by reducing fabric strain and wear. The dryer uses moisture sensors rather than timers.

What a nice way to make a statement. Thank-you Miele for the chocolates and for the Chocolate Laundry. Patricia Gray writes about 'WHAT'S HOT 'in the world of Interior Design, new and emerging trends, modern design and travel, as well as how our surroundings can influence the world around us. © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog


  1. I am a chocoholic - I am so glad they are bringing new colour to appliances. Yum!

  2. Chocolate, who can resist! the dilemma will be washing the laundry with a milky, foamy soap or staring at the appliances and drooling over it.
    Sweet and smart marketing campaign.

  3. These do look yummy.
    What a wonderful option.


  4. Mmmmmmm!!!! Seems a shame to hide those gorgeous chunks of chocolate away in a laundry room!!! ;-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  5. My first reaction was that hopefully they won't be stuck with a pile of them when the brown trend ends which could be soon, you never know.

  6. Hmmmm, women and chocolate. They might be on to something there!

  7. Any gifts of food or alcohol are welcomed...

    I wouldn't mind doing laundry with this pair!

  8. How dangerous... Chocolate near my clothing... Heaven perhaps?

  9. thank goodness,
    it would be nice to finally have a machine that didn't tear the heck out of my clothes.

    but , maybe i should stop using my food processor for small loads .

    no really, these are so sharp.
    i still want the 'all in one machine'.
    that's my fave.

    put it in and forget it.


  10. Anonymous19/3/09

    ya, in love with your blog. Patricia, thanx you so much.

  11. Oh that is very clever of Miele. I would rather munch on those chocolates than do the laundry - even with those smart machines! xv

  12. Miele certainly know how to market their product. They offer a free 3 course gourmet lunch for any potential customer who is interested in buying their induction cooktops. As well as that, when we walk into their showrooms, I am offered a latte as well as a complimentary box of chocolates...all for just being there.
    I love the colour of the new washing machines. Thanks for posting this Patricia.
    Mrs B

  13. I think the machines look edible! Really... I had to read your post all the way to the end to be sure they were REAL and not actually chocolate!! :-)
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  14. Anonymous21/3/09

    the Miele chocholate washingmachines are to die for.......
    Wish you a nice weekend !!!!

  15. Oh goodness,
    Chocolate and laundry...! :)

  16. Oh goodness,
    Chocolate and laundry...! :)

  17. How delicious is that!

  18. Thanks for all your lovely emails and comments on this post. You are amazing!

  19. Anonymous25/4/09

    I saw them and in white. They looked cool and knew they worked well. Then the sales guy came along and explained. If you buy the white you get a one year warranty - Buy the brown and get full 10 year warranty!

    WOW.. Ok - Wrap 'em up! Better than the LG He in red we got a year ago. Bunch of junk that smell and leak water when you open the door. Dryer is loud and does not do a great job of what it supposed to do, dry! Basically the same price as well.


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